Friday, December 30, 2005


No not MY customers... yeah your customers!

They got their can of "Get it FREE propellent" yesterday.

When was the last time someone gave you someting for nothing. Oh hold on I just got this email for 117 Christmas internet gifts for FREE...(well they did get my email address) You're Guilty!

More times than not at restaurants, hotels, local banks, schools, grocery stores and no matter what business you run you're vulnerable to customers who want something for nothing. Some customers have a "If I can get it for Free It's got to be for me" attitude. Internet marketing reaks with the "Get it Free propellent" they feed to customers. Just spray here and "Get it free". Oh you still haven't got your can.

Well in Brian Tracy (a great customer) has written a new book that might give you more insight than you can imagine on what motivates your customers. And you won't find his book under the Self help for customers section either. But you can purchase it and NO it's not for FREE... Go check it out at and read my review too.

Although it's not for Free ( yeah I got mine for free but I didn't ask Brian to send it to me for free. He's just a great Godfather...what can I sa-a--ay ) Anyway you will find some valuable insight on what motivatates all people regardless of culture, race, religion or political party (lol). All ideas in something for nothing are not focused on the negative although it is geared to observing the neutral characteristics that we each employe to work for us or against us. This is where this information is invaluable to your understanding as you dig deeper into looking at life from the customers perspective. Oh you don't do just try to sell your stuff. I hope not.

Hope you enjoy it!

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why Not Love Your Customer?

One of the biggest problems we run into as Corporate Leaders, CEO's, President's, Customer Service Managers, and staff employees is that we fail to love the customer.

The only true service is that of a servant. Archibishop Desmond Tutu, once said "The Leader is the Servant". And isn't that all our customers are truly looking for. Yes! Your customer and my customer are just looking for the opportunity to be lead, to be served and to be loved.

For argument sake let's say Desmond Tutu is right. Than your failure to truly be a leader in your industry is clearly due to the fact that your customers are not having an encounter with a world leader when they arrive at your company to be served. Well how might you change that? How will you establish new plans for better improvements in your organization? I've got a great solution.

Why not love your customer?

What's holding you back from delivering to your customer the one true commodity that can't be bottled and put in a package for sale?

What is it that stops you, me and everyone else from unleashing the dyanmic UNFORGETTABLE SERVANT SERVICE that all of our customers are dying to receive? Well we're just lacking the desire to give our customer a loving relationship that expresses the one universal quality everyone needs.

My mentor and God Father Brian Tracy, talks about the importance of Relationships in Chapter 7 of his book, Creating Your Own Future. In that chapter he talks about the 6th Principle---"Relationships Are Essential". He says that "The Law of Relationships explains one of the most critical success factors of all. It says, relationships are essential; the more people who know you and think of you in a positive way, the more opportunities you will have to achieve your goals."

I believe that Brian would agree with me when I say that all relationships are created out of love. So if you truly want your business to grow vibrantly and spread far you've got to love your customer. So why not love your customer?
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The New CHASE Me Away Customer Service

The other day while entering my #1 bank I noticed that the old banking sign had been Chased away by the NEW & improved logos, labels and shirts. I thought another force it down my throat banking merger. It really looked impressive and in the lingo of some of my marketing friends it was sexy, primal, and emotionally provocative.

But isn't that what all advertising is supposed to do? Make us feel something on the inside. Who needs a pretty airbrushed face with a Rembrandt (teeth whitened) close up smile and that Chase you away bad breath service. I sure don't, you sure don't and the world sure won't stand for it.

Now if they could only put a few million into training tellers on how to treat people they might make a huge transaction and open a few hundred thousand new accounts. But it's not really about customer retention anymore. As a matter of fact it's not even about customer expansion.

It's only about "hey Sponge Bob, how can we replace the few hundred customers we lost last week, so that it doesn't really look like our customers are migrating?". "Well don't worry Patrick, we have a few new customers just coming through the door and since they don't know how bad our service is we'll make a few hundred off of them before they catch on and leave for good. How does that sound?"

Well I guess if you can't give them good service why not just give them slick posters and bright lights...Oh yeah! And don't forget the suckers in the basket. Must be a freudian metaphor. Banks giving away suckers. They say there's a sucker born every minute. Or maybe the suckers to remind you that their service sucks. Either way somethings wrong with that picture.

I do not speak as one who lacks experience in the banking industry.

Past Employment: Harris Bank & Bankers Life & Casualty Insurance Company.

In my day I've seen great service and then I've seen the other kind of service. But it's time for the Banking industry to get back to the basics. Serving your customers with PASSION is making one heck of a come back. And it's time the banks did more than borrow the peoples money, over charge the customer for errors and then pay them almost nothing in interest for using their money. But I guess if we keep on sucking their suckers we'll eventually be up for the "All Day Sucker" Award.

I guess thinking I was going to be engaged by a teller who would make me remember her unforgettable service was a mistake. I was Chased away by bad Customer Service...again.

Being a Customer Passion Evangelist is not easy. On a day to day basis you see so many companies transacting millions and sometime billions of dollars through key customer relationships almost by accident. Well if you're going to be working with generating that kind of money you might as well focus on serving the customer so that you get automatic business (I'll talk about that in a future issue).

No time to train your tellers? Don't worry! Soon your customers will be flocking to Citibank, Harris Bank and all the other huge banking organizations to try their service. And if they get the kind of service I got the other day they've Chased away another customer that has relationship leverage.

The best relationships in the B 2 C industry will be those who leave a deep mark on the hearts of their clients or shall I say a deep impression in the souls of their customers.

Well when I walked away the other day I walked away wondering...can major banks who dominate the market place still afford to leave their workers untrained on how to deliver "Unforgettable Service"? Sure they can.

They even can afford to CHASE a few away. Maybe I should write the president and tell him about the CHASE me away customer service I got or maybe I should see it as an opportunity to help the president improve service? One things for sure they won't CHASE me away with bad Customer Service anymore.

A great management guru named Peter Drucker once said, "the purpose of a business is to CREATE a customer".

A great Customer Passion Evangelist named Deremiah, *CPE, interpreted this to mean "Don't CHASE your customers away"

Friday, November 11, 2005

* "The purpose of a business is to create a customer." Peter Drucker 11/19/09 - 11/11/05

The above quote came from a man who knew better than most the purpose of business and how that knowledge integrates with Customer Relationships. With out the creation of customers there is no business. Drucker also stood flat footed and expressed his views about everything from management to Wall Street.

No one said it better than Peter Drucker... "The purpose of a business is to create a customer" and I firmly agree.

Peter Drucker was one of the world's foremost thinkers. His concepts were thought provoking and his insight was keen. And although Peter Drucker is dead he still speaks. Please take the time now to read about this impressive man.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Give Your Customers A Front Seat...In honor of a Great Woman - Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is an amazing woman.

Her life reflects the grace and power of why customers should take a stand. She is a type of customer that refuses to sit in the back of the bus when she's paid to sit in the front and could anyone blame her.

If you paid the same fair as all the other customers wouldn't you want to have the same great experience? Well Rosa Parks experienced a classic example of what happens when we forget that the customer is King.

Now a whole nation entrenched in bad customer service had to take a back seat. You see the customer refused to sit in the back of the bus after a long hard day at work and who would blame her. She walks past the front row seats which are designated "Whites Only" and sits in the middle of the bus. She knows that if the front seats get full and whites enter the bus she will have to give up her seat and sit in the back.

One things for sure Rosa Parks knew that all customers should be treated with dignity and respect. But she was arrested and treated worse than someone who did not pay, as if she had snuck on the back of the bus. But that's not what she was trying to do. Rosa Parks just wanted the bus driver to leave her alone and allow the customer to sit where she freely wanted to sit.

The bus driver should have been thinking (we love to see our customers smile). He should have said "Mrs. Parks welcome aboard today! You look a little tired. So why don't you just have a seat near the front so you don't have to walk so far when it's time for you to get off. And here's a bottle of water".

But can you believe it was against the law for Blacks to sit in the middle section seats if all the "White Only" seats were taken in the front? The only seats they could sit in with out having to get up were the seats in the back of the bus.

Well if there is a front seat available for your customer never give them a back seat...unless they ask for the seat in the back. And never make laws or policies that will eventually treat customers unfairly.

That day Rosa Parks only wanted to experience Great Customer Service and a wonderful ride as she looked out the window. But that was far from what she received that day. When she refused to sit in the back and chose a seat near the front of the bus, she was removed by police.

Can you imagine paying the same fare as everyone who got on the bus that day and then being verbally disrespected by the bus driver? Well I can't imagine for the life of me how humiliated Mrs. Parks must have felt that day. And it wasn't the first time that the bus driver barked out orders to his customer to move. but I'm so glad she said enough of this bad customer service I'm not going to the back of the bus today. In honor of Rosa Parks I'd like to say we all have a lot to learn from the life of this ordinary but extraordinary woman.

Yesterday Mrs. Parks casually slipped into a place in history and today she grasped the attention of the entire world. And her life story is a customer service lesson in why it's important to "Serve The Customer With Passion".

So the moral of the lesson is the next time you're thinking of fussing at your customer and then asking them to take a seat in the back... wise up and "Give the Customer a front seat".

to learn more about this extraordinary woman take a peek at these links.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

"TOP Secret" Customer Service

Well if you haven't heard of "Top Secret" Customer Service chances are you're not performing it. What's even worse you're losing customers and you don't even know it. There's nothing more dissappointing than having customers and losing them.

I don't know how you feel but when I'm losing customers because of something I'm not doing that's not a good thing. But everyday hundreds of customers walk out and never come back. Yes they leave what seems to be great companies to go to their competitors for one simple reason.

Now it's really up to you to consider if their leaving your company...the one organization you believe is performing "Knock Out" Customer Service on a daily basis. Well before you close the book on whether customers are leaving your organization for this one small customer failure consider this. Does the company I work for perform "Top Secret" Customer Service?

My mentor and friend Brian Tracy would be the first to tell you that taking care of your customer should be the primary focus of your business.

So what is "Top Secret" Customer Service? And how can you tell you're missing it? Well I'll answer both of those questions for you but first let me tell you this. I had more than a few jobs where customer service was not a priority of the company. I'm not saying that it wasn't important. I'm just saying that it really wasn't at the top of the priority list for some of the companies I worked for. Especially for those companies who had business just chasing them all the way to the front door of their company.

"Top Secret" Customer Service is simply this. The T-O-P in "Top Secret" is an acronym that means...Teams Overcoming Problems...that's "Top Secret" Customer Service.

Whenever your company focuses on taking care of your customer from a Team work approach that's "Top Secret" Customer Service. That's the surprise hidden element in your customer service that only well oiled corporations perform consistently and continously like clock work.

All the other companies wish they had what your organization has. And that keeps your customers returning over and over again without question for the rest of their lives. Most organizations perform their duties as a project in other words requiring the assistance of others with in their corporate body. Small businesses do this same thing almost hourly through out the day using partnerships with outside vendors. These relationships are the teams that make businesses run and repeat purchases occur systematically and repetitiously.

This is the "Top Secret" Customer Service you need to activate with in your organization. If you already have a team approach to doing business this is the customer service you need to inspect daily beause if it's not "Inspected" it's not "Expected". Thanks for your time and I wish you the best Customer Service ever.

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

If your Team is not overcoming problems than you can bet your companies losing valuable clients that could grow your business exponentially

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Six Keys To Creating "HAPPY CUSTOMERS"


Now if you have one customer you can build a great business. Do you have at least one customer?

We're they "Happy" with the service you performed?... I mean happy enough to tell others?

If they weren't then it's time for you to tweak your business until you get "Happy Customers". People buy emotionally and then logically talk themselves into why the transaction makes sense.


If you make your customers feel good while they're --Caught Up--- in the buying experience guess what? Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, They'll be back! We love to come back to what feels good.

If your customers refuse to come back, Guess What? They're not feeling good. You need to make them feel good. And I've got 29 customer secrets that make them feel "Um..Um...Good.


In other words were moved by what we want and we justify our purchases. So your mission in life (IF you want to have a successful business is to "MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS FEEL GOOD" about the transaction and they'll automatically justify their purchases.


Make each and every single transaction with your customers an UN-forgettable experience. Can you do that? Because if you can't do isn't for you. Every time your customer finishes the purchasing transaction they should be walking away from the experience feeling Great about it.


Okay let's imagine you did have one "Happy Customer". Were they satisfied as all get out about the work you did? If they were...You can grow your business as BIG as you want. Just by repeating a similar experience with every customer you have.


(If you're not doing this you're "Working Too Hard" for your money)

You Can't forget to ask every "Happy Customer" for a referral. Completely, emotionally satisfied customers, LOVE to give referrals.

Now don't be afraid to ask them. And ask your customers over and over again. They love telling others about how you made them feel-so-good. Some people love to you about things they know you're not experiencing.

So recruit your customers. They love that feeling...the feeling that YOU need them.

Well that's the six keys to creating "Happy Customers". Use it or lose's made me wealthy and I mean in ways that surpass the money I've been paid.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

C-reating P-assionate E-xperiences

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Do Customer Care Centers...Care?

It appears that my marketing expert friends at are truly concerned about Customer Care Centers. They're less concerned about whether the customer service representative has an accent or speaks with American overtones. One thing they have decided upon is that regardless of whether the customer care center is located state side or overseas the most important factor is not location...but it's true customer service. You can observe some of the answers given at this link if you'd like to look into this well discussed topic (look here) .

Thursday, July 14, 2005

FAST Resolutions Save Customers

In an imperfect world you're bound to dissappoint a customer. Well honestly speaking you might dissapoint a customer or two or maybe even three...(dozen) or so if you're not careful. But I'm going to share with you real quickly from a statistic I read why it's important for you to resolve your customers problems as quickly as you can.

PASS IT ON......(Q-u-i-c-k-l-y NOW)
Pass this information on as quickly as you can to all your staff members but in particularly your Customer Care, Customer Service and CRM's. The quicker you get this information to them the better for you and here's why it makes a huge difference to get the information to them quickly.

One good reason why it’s important for you to resolve your customer’s problem is…
50-74% of customers who complain about your bad service will do business with you again if only you resolve the problem.

The second but most important reason why it’s important for you to resolve your customer’s problems quickly is…
95% of those customers (the ones who complain about your companies bad service) will immediately do business with your company again if only you resolve the problem quickly.

So get to goin' and resolve that problem right now and do it fast.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Boss I Shrunk The Customer's (Don't you do this)

"Boss I Shrunk The Customer's" is the new Nightmare sequel for corporations who are losing customers because of a few mad CRM's who are trying to artificially expand your customer base without truly developing relationships with your clients. Here are two ways you can shrink the customers.

1.) Blindly applying a technological solution to every one of your customer issues and thinking that's the end all cure to all of your customer relationship problems. You've seen phone companies kill more customers than they could ever imagine when they put a huge automated phone service technology to managing their customers.

The End Result: Customer Migration...Causing people to get lost in the maze of the phone abyss until you frustrate the customer to death is one sure fired way to communicate to your boss that you've shrunk the customers.

2.) Attempting to grow your customer base exponentially without putting in the time, the genuine, and the sincere effort to grow your customer relationships one client at a time.

The End Result: Customers lose hope in the opportunity that maybe someday they would really find what it means to get uniquely diverse service from your organization. Creating hope is one of the only ways to avoid shrinking the customers.

If you can think of other ways you've seen companies shrink the customer let us know.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Are you an employer or manager and is it your responsibility to over see the workers who are supposed to be part of your *CCT, Customer Care Team? As a manager or supervisor do you ever wonder how your employees really treat your customers? If you've never given this any thought think about it again.

is a very important part of really seeing how your company does business. As a matter of fact hire some people, call into your own business or maybe even have a friend call into your company and determine what level of service your employees are giving your customers. Is it a charm or is it a harm?

Some companies just back off without ever reviewing an employees working relationship with it's customers...that's a mistake. Your customers are the life blood and partner of your organization. Being a CRM may not be enough to take you to the next level with your clients but being a *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist) will allow you to evangelize every single customer with the passion they deserve.

Is The Third Time A CHARM or Was It A HARM!
We all have heard how the third time is supposed to be a charm. Well today for me and a few of my fellow tax paying citizens the third time was not a charm. Often times dealing with representatives of a company can be an ugly experience. Those who are supposed to be front line employees should know better and understand how they should treat their companies customers. The companies customers belong to the company not to the employee of the company but sometimes workers who are employed by the company forget who the customers belong to.

Although the company gives their employees the authority to deal with their clients they often forget to check the level of service being dealt out. But your lack of knowledge does not bring your customers back from the dead or a harmful experience. It's the companies responsibility to examine using first hand practical direct observation techniques.

Make monthly, weekly, & daily check-ups a thing your company does often.

It's amazing to me how much more money a company could be earning if they truly had employees who were into serving the customer with passion. But sometimes that's not what you get when you meet these frontline workers. Sometimes you get what we got today...a whole lot of grief, bad attitudes and to make matters worse we even paid them for it.

So when you think the third time is supposed to be a charm think about this: Have I called into my company this week or even once this month to test the value of our service? Have I examined first hand how my customers are helping me gain or lose money? Is the third time a charm for my customers or was it a harm to my customers? Think about this!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

New & Improved Repel-O-Customers

Have you ever wondered how your employees get rid of customers faster than your lead department can get them in?

Well you no longer have to worry or pull your hair out trying to figure out how they make all of your prospects or the existing customers you've been trying to retain for a life time instantly dissappear. Because getting rid of customers has never been easier with New & Improved Repel-O-Customers! That's right. Repel-O-Customers, is the quick and easy way to turn customers off faster than an ugly website.

Gives instant protection against customers your CEO has been trying to keep. It's the easiest most logical way to protect your company from revenue sharing customers who want to do business with you! Repel-O-Customers is powerful, effective and may keep your clients away for a life time.

Here's what you get!

1.) Customer Test Kit:
tells you what the customers needs
are. --Instruction Booklet lists customers
preferences, interest and tells you how
much "nasty attitude" to mix in to
your customer care center in order to
get rid of customers faster.

2.) Customer Repellant:
all ingredients come in dry 100% salty
form so that you can "tailor" your entire
customer service departments salty
attitude to effectively destroy your most
happiest customer. The new customer
repellant can arrive at your office, restaurant,
or store today in pre-mixed containers. It's
also available for your Sales, Marketing and
even your Financial department's needs.

Money-Back Guarantee:
on all your Salty Customers who insist on staying.
Repel-O-Customers is 100% guaranteed or
we will refund your customers back to you.
(please include $500 postage for shipping your clients.)

Orders under $10,000 add $150 postage for shipping.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Have You Ever Thought "I Need More Customers" ?

Sure you have!

If you're an actively involved business person, entrepreneur, manager or CEO you've probably asked yourself this question a few hundred times. But at some particular point you've got to start doing something about it. So what can you do when you need more customers?

Well one of the first things that I recommend my clients do is take a survey of what you already have. Often times we fail to bloom where we're planted. We generally look at the grass on the other side that really isn't any greener than ours and think..."it sure would be a lot better if I had so in so's customers". A Jewish friend of mine told me a story about a guy in the Torah named Moses who when he was caught between a rock and a hard place was instructed to use what he had in his hand. Moses had a what do you have?

What current customers do you have that you've failed to provide unforgettable, inspirational service to? What would happen if you would maximize the customer relationships of all of the existing customers you currently have? I mean if you really went out of your way to invest some time into going the extra, extra mile for all of your existing customers. I know what would happen and so do you my friend.

So when you find yourself thinking you need more customers do the following:

Bloom where you're planted and take a survey of every customer you have and ask yourself the deep, deep questions that only you can answer...Have you left your customer asking "Where is the love"?

When was the last time I made customer contact?
Did I investigate to find out if everything was going well?
Does my customer feel like they've been left abandoned?
Am I serving them by successfully taking care of all unresolved issues?

If you've done all of the above you're probably not asking yourself "where are the customers"? You're probably asking deeper questions like "Hey Sally when are we going to get in those new hires to take care of all the new customers we're getting"?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Customer Passion Evangelism" Is Here!

The first thing I remember learning in Sales as a Security Consultant with an AMERITECH company called SecurityLink From Ameritech was that "Nothing happens until a sale is made".

Well I started my sales career long before I got to AMERITECH when I was a little kid and I'll never forget it. My cousins and I were walking the downtown streets of Chicago with their shoe shine boxes in their hands. They had been hoping for the opportunity to get some interested business man to let them shine their shoes that day. It had been a long day and many hours had passed but no one had not made one single shoe shine. Then out of the blue a customer arised almost causing a fight among the cousins for who was going to shine this customers shoes. That's where I first learned how valuable a customer is and that nothing truly happens until you have a customer. It was'nt until I was at SecurityLink that I learned that a potential customer who has not paid for your product or service is just a "Prospect". But the scuffle over the customer was where I first saw what real fierce competition looked like. So we decided that one cousin would shine one shoe and one cousin would shine the other (this was the beginning of me seeing clearly the principle of how a win-win-win situation works to the best interest of everyone involved). So since I was way too little to shine shoes they allowed me to judge. I did such a great job that the customer gave me a tip because he agreed with me that the shoe I picked was actually the one that was shined the best. This is where I began to appreciate the value of evangelizing the customer with passion.

In the above true story from my life you can see that the customer met two very passionate servants who were willing (almost to the point of fighting) to meet the customers needs. The way it looked that day with my cousins is the same way it looks today in a world where everyone is battling for the customers business. The competition is eager and searching like vultures, waiting to swoop down on the customer and force their service or product upon them. And this is why every customer needs guidance from a passionate Servant (*CPE) who is willing to educate them on why they should choose one competitor over the other. I was the evangelist who was anointed by the customer that day to educate them on the quality of the service that would meet their needs.

All great service to customers must come from a Servant, *CPE whose only desire is to undeniably meet every expectation of the customer in a clear, consistent and concise manner. Your clients deserve your very best and you should be prepared to deliver what the client needs when they are confused by hungry competitors. This is where you get the opportunity to set a clear distinct advantage. Evangelize your customer with passion today.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Introduction: *CPE's Love Customers

Learning how to take care of your customers or clients is a daily step by step process that requires hundreds of tedious hours of effort that most of the time nobody else sees, recognizes or even appreciates. When everyone else is looking at your customer with $ dollar signs $ in their eyes you're looking for a new tid bit or a golden nugget that gives you the edge and the opportunity to master serving your customer with "PASSION". And that's the only reason why you should be checking into the deep thoughts of a *CPE, (Customer Passion Evangelist).

Hello my name is Deremiah, *CPE and I am your *Customer Passion Evangelist.

As a top marketer on my customers have questions and I share solutions, insights and answers that meet their needs. This is done with the utmost professionalism as I solve my clients most deep introspective, challenging customer service/business and marketing problems.

I have offered answers to over 409 questions coming from a host of corporate managers, executives, consultants and business owners as far as the UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Germany, Italy and a whole host of other countries world-wide. As a result of their vote, success and the peace of mind that they have gained from my ideas those executives, start-up business owners and corporate managers have ranked me 16th out of thousands of experts who provide cutting edge solutions world-wide.

I have also developed articles one of which will be featured in Nightingale Conants, Advantedge magazine in their July/August issue online. You will also be able to pick this magazine up at BORDERS BOOKS or Barnes & Nobles. If you would like to know more than you ever imagined about who I am please feel free to visit my website at .

Today more than any other time in history the development of customer service is at an all time high as technology expands the opportunity for the creation of new products. In my research of customer service I have discovered that true customer service has less to do with us creating a program for service but everything and more to do with how your customer wants you to be there servant. Not acknowledging this can lead to failure. How most companies miss this in exchange for trying to sell more of a great product or service is definitely beyond me.

As technology makes it easier for the playing field to be level it's not only about your product it truly is about "Your Servant". Some of the top companies in the world have found it much more easier to reach their sales goals when they first identify and then meet the specific needs of each and every customer.

I've worked with successful CEO's, Presidents, Professors, Principles and Pastors of churches and they all regardless of personal philosophies, race, culture, location or religion value that the greatest leaders are the greatest servants.

The only real way to increase, expand and multiply the name of your organization is to present to every customer the single most undeniable opportunity that they could ever receive from you and that is the blessing of you becoming their "Customer Passion Evangelist". Over the next few weeks, months and years we are going to get down to the core of Customer Passion Evangelisim. Put another way we are going to get down to "the heart" of identifing exactly what Evangelizing your customer with PASSION is and how we can do it more better, while consistently satisfying our customers longer and more systematically than anyone else in the world has ever seen it done before. We will also take a deeper look into...

*Customer Passion Evangelism
*Being a Customer Servant
*Serving Customers with Passion
*What a real Servant does
*Developing the "Servant Mentality" for Customers
*Serving your way to the Top
*Why the new and improved "Customer Servant" is more valuble than the old traditional customer service representative.

I really appreciate you allowing me to offer you the additional *RGB, Revenue Generating Benefits that I provide to all of my customers and thanks so much for letting me be your Servant.