Sunday, June 12, 2005

New & Improved Repel-O-Customers

Have you ever wondered how your employees get rid of customers faster than your lead department can get them in?

Well you no longer have to worry or pull your hair out trying to figure out how they make all of your prospects or the existing customers you've been trying to retain for a life time instantly dissappear. Because getting rid of customers has never been easier with New & Improved Repel-O-Customers! That's right. Repel-O-Customers, is the quick and easy way to turn customers off faster than an ugly website.

Gives instant protection against customers your CEO has been trying to keep. It's the easiest most logical way to protect your company from revenue sharing customers who want to do business with you! Repel-O-Customers is powerful, effective and may keep your clients away for a life time.

Here's what you get!

1.) Customer Test Kit:
tells you what the customers needs
are. --Instruction Booklet lists customers
preferences, interest and tells you how
much "nasty attitude" to mix in to
your customer care center in order to
get rid of customers faster.

2.) Customer Repellant:
all ingredients come in dry 100% salty
form so that you can "tailor" your entire
customer service departments salty
attitude to effectively destroy your most
happiest customer. The new customer
repellant can arrive at your office, restaurant,
or store today in pre-mixed containers. It's
also available for your Sales, Marketing and
even your Financial department's needs.

Money-Back Guarantee:
on all your Salty Customers who insist on staying.
Repel-O-Customers is 100% guaranteed or
we will refund your customers back to you.
(please include $500 postage for shipping your clients.)

Orders under $10,000 add $150 postage for shipping.