Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why Not Love Your Customer?

One of the biggest problems we run into as Corporate Leaders, CEO's, President's, Customer Service Managers, and staff employees is that we fail to love the customer.

The only true service is that of a servant. Archibishop Desmond Tutu, once said "The Leader is the Servant". And isn't that all our customers are truly looking for. Yes! Your customer and my customer are just looking for the opportunity to be lead, to be served and to be loved.

For argument sake let's say Desmond Tutu is right. Than your failure to truly be a leader in your industry is clearly due to the fact that your customers are not having an encounter with a world leader when they arrive at your company to be served. Well how might you change that? How will you establish new plans for better improvements in your organization? I've got a great solution.

Why not love your customer?

What's holding you back from delivering to your customer the one true commodity that can't be bottled and put in a package for sale?

What is it that stops you, me and everyone else from unleashing the dyanmic UNFORGETTABLE SERVANT SERVICE that all of our customers are dying to receive? Well we're just lacking the desire to give our customer a loving relationship that expresses the one universal quality everyone needs.

My mentor and God Father Brian Tracy, talks about the importance of Relationships in Chapter 7 of his book, Creating Your Own Future. In that chapter he talks about the 6th Principle---"Relationships Are Essential". He says that "The Law of Relationships explains one of the most critical success factors of all. It says, relationships are essential; the more people who know you and think of you in a positive way, the more opportunities you will have to achieve your goals."

I believe that Brian would agree with me when I say that all relationships are created out of love. So if you truly want your business to grow vibrantly and spread far you've got to love your customer. So why not love your customer?
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