Monday, February 13, 2012

Les Brown Highly Recommends the Customer Passion Evangelist!

Hi my name is Les Brown.

I'm Mrs. Mamie Brown's baby boy and I have my arms around the Fountain of Greatness that is Deremiah. He's a young man who has a PASSION to Change people's lives.

When you need an event that's Motivational and Inspiring... you wanna call Deremiah! Why? Because he can bring you content. He can bring you personality but most of all He will help them to believe in themselves to know that nothing is impossible.

So next time you need a Dynamic and Powerful Speaker I highly recommend Deremiah...the "D" stands for DYNAMIC!

Les Brown rarely gives video endorsements and this one is especially rare because he's in the video. But not only is he recommending Deremiah *CPE author of "52 Great Weeks" he is Highly recommending him to you.  If your company wants new content but you know you can't keep up with the speed of information in Real Time Les Brown is letting you know Deremiah *CPE can bring you that and so much More. In less than 35 seconds Les Brown has just introduced you to a guy who can help you close more business in 5 minutes than you may have ever thought was possible. Deremiah *CPE teaches a whole new paradigm that he invented when he went from one of 7,000 employees working for SBC Ameritech (now rolled up into AT&T) to one of the Top 10 employees in the company because of this same paradigm he developed.
Or maybe you are in Education dealing with our youth who are struggling with Bullying or Suicide.

Deremiah *CPE has the expertise, countless schools who reference him in their thank you letters, proving he has tremendous credibility, the background and experience to make all of the difference in your schools strategical efforts to stop Bullying and Suicide. Contact Deremiah *CPE right now at: . Go ahead and do it now if you're serious about saving your business or a young person's life!