Friday, January 19, 2007

One Key to Creating Happy Customers or Customer Happiness as told by a former Accountant.

On Wednesday, August 17th 2005 you got 6 keys. That's right I gave you six real simple keys to "Creating Happy Customers". If you didn't try one of these on your customer you missed a great opportunity to test the validity of waiting. Or if you failed to use any of these in any combination you're probably still kicking yourself but you can stop.

Because today I'm going to re-examine, I'm going to explore to the very core just one of these keys. Now if a former Accountant can lead the charge on this thing surely you can put it all together if you just remember the first key which was...


It's like building a skyscrapper you've got to "build it" from the bottom-up if you want it to come out right.

Everyday I meet business men, CEO's, Presidents and Speakers who want to "Knock their Customers SOCKS right off. They ask me how can we do that on a day to day basis? How can we get our sales reps, our secretaries, our managers to all buy into "Creating Happy Customers". Because isn't that what every business wants? "Happy Customers"! A customer you can impress before they digress will always confess you're the best.

Now customers lose interest real quick. Especially those you don't Evangelize.

You say you don't evangelize them? Then how do you keep them Happy at the altar of your business?

And what's your motivation for having an inspiring business, or for having "Happy Customers"?

You've got to evangelize your customer if you want to keep them. And you've got to evangelize them with ***PASSION*** if you want to make your most important customer happy...female customers are probably your largest category of customers. Women are the leading revenue spenders and one of the most important customers of this age.

So do you want to keep your customer? Now if you don't want to keep them ----STOP---- leading them on in this relationship where you're playing the field. Customers like geniune down to earth business reps that are into focusing on their needs. Customers really like to be made happy.

So most businessess have got the right attitude but the wrong interlude.

You can't come on to a customer without the ---right approach. Just like you wouldn't try to make a customer who loves C & W...*Country & Western listen to Polka, you cant' make customers like your business without turning them on to happy experiences.

Companies mess up when they put the trans-action before the satisfaction.

Real customer success grows out of your desire to see "Customers Happy". Again looking for the trans-action before the heartfelt service is really a way of delivering very immature service.

Every month right here on "Deep Thoughts of A *Customer Passion Evangelist" you're gaining the wisdom you need to make your "Customers Happy".

Remember most people fail miserably at this. They don't build their business from the bottom up. They just try to build from the top down. The reason most businesses fail is that they don't sell enough. It's goods and Services that are the key to growing business. But you can't sell goods and no one wants your services until you "Create Happy Customers". Shoot me an email and let me know what happened. Thanks!

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,