Sunday, May 08, 2005

Introduction: *CPE's Love Customers

Learning how to take care of your customers or clients is a daily step by step process that requires hundreds of tedious hours of effort that most of the time nobody else sees, recognizes or even appreciates. When everyone else is looking at your customer with $ dollar signs $ in their eyes you're looking for a new tid bit or a golden nugget that gives you the edge and the opportunity to master serving your customer with "PASSION". And that's the only reason why you should be checking into the deep thoughts of a *CPE, (Customer Passion Evangelist).

Hello my name is Deremiah, *CPE and I am your *Customer Passion Evangelist.

As a top marketer on my customers have questions and I share solutions, insights and answers that meet their needs. This is done with the utmost professionalism as I solve my clients most deep introspective, challenging customer service/business and marketing problems.

I have offered answers to over 409 questions coming from a host of corporate managers, executives, consultants and business owners as far as the UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Germany, Italy and a whole host of other countries world-wide. As a result of their vote, success and the peace of mind that they have gained from my ideas those executives, start-up business owners and corporate managers have ranked me 16th out of thousands of experts who provide cutting edge solutions world-wide.

I have also developed articles one of which will be featured in Nightingale Conants, Advantedge magazine in their July/August issue online. You will also be able to pick this magazine up at BORDERS BOOKS or Barnes & Nobles. If you would like to know more than you ever imagined about who I am please feel free to visit my website at .

Today more than any other time in history the development of customer service is at an all time high as technology expands the opportunity for the creation of new products. In my research of customer service I have discovered that true customer service has less to do with us creating a program for service but everything and more to do with how your customer wants you to be there servant. Not acknowledging this can lead to failure. How most companies miss this in exchange for trying to sell more of a great product or service is definitely beyond me.

As technology makes it easier for the playing field to be level it's not only about your product it truly is about "Your Servant". Some of the top companies in the world have found it much more easier to reach their sales goals when they first identify and then meet the specific needs of each and every customer.

I've worked with successful CEO's, Presidents, Professors, Principles and Pastors of churches and they all regardless of personal philosophies, race, culture, location or religion value that the greatest leaders are the greatest servants.

The only real way to increase, expand and multiply the name of your organization is to present to every customer the single most undeniable opportunity that they could ever receive from you and that is the blessing of you becoming their "Customer Passion Evangelist". Over the next few weeks, months and years we are going to get down to the core of Customer Passion Evangelisim. Put another way we are going to get down to "the heart" of identifing exactly what Evangelizing your customer with PASSION is and how we can do it more better, while consistently satisfying our customers longer and more systematically than anyone else in the world has ever seen it done before. We will also take a deeper look into...

*Customer Passion Evangelism
*Being a Customer Servant
*Serving Customers with Passion
*What a real Servant does
*Developing the "Servant Mentality" for Customers
*Serving your way to the Top
*Why the new and improved "Customer Servant" is more valuble than the old traditional customer service representative.

I really appreciate you allowing me to offer you the additional *RGB, Revenue Generating Benefits that I provide to all of my customers and thanks so much for letting me be your Servant.