Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Join the Procrastinators or Learn Customer Service from Tele-Evangelist TD JAKES

You want to expand your customer base? How about increase your ability to have the greatest amount of control over the Customer, client relationship? Well if that's what you want to do with your customers it's really quite simple to be successful. As a matter of fact you can begin right now.

You could go searchin' on the web and hope to stumble across the right Customer Service answers or you could take the easy way out. Let me do all your work for you. That's right! I can save you a whole ship load of time trying to find the key attributes, principles and hidden secrets about customer service or you could choose to do what a whole bunch of people are doing these days.


But remember that procrastinators don't win, they lose. Why waste your time when I'm available right now if you've got a few moments. You got a second?

That's right you can let me bring you some of the most interesting Customer Relationship concepts that work on your customers.

TD JAKES a well known Tele-Evangelist shares a lot of positive concepts through his message. (What's a tele-evangelist? That's a different kind of Evangelist than me) but in his case he still shares relevant solutions to the old Customer issues everyone is dealing with. And here's what JAKES shared that caught my attention today.

TD JAKES said "that consistent effort brings rewards".

Well let's transfer this highly spiritual theological churchy kind of a concept to Customer Relationships. You think you might be losing a truck load of customers because you're not consistent enough in your efforts to pursue them in an intelligent manner? Well if you don't think so I do. As a matter of fact I'd be willing to go as far as saying I'm positive you've lost a few dozen or more customers because of this.

Most people fail this one very easy practical aspect of taking care of the customer. Not because they really want to lose hundreds or thousands of customers but because they're not applying the rules correctly and more importantly consistently.

Are you looking for rewards?
Trying to succeed with your clientele on a part time temporary basis just won't bring forth the kind of rewards you're looking to gain.

If you won't to make major impact focus on your customer plan everyday. Not every once and a while. And why you're focusing I'm not afraid to tell you Go beyond that. It's time to began to practice consistency.

In the world of Great Customer Relationships and marvelous success with your customers consistent performance is at the very foundation of making that happen.

I think Jakes has imparted some great advice here without realizing that Customer Passion Evangelist like myself would be picking a grand harvest from the concepts he's planting. Thanks for doing something about your customer problem. And you'll pat yourself on the back soon thanking yourself for being consistent. Is there anything else I can do for you? Sure it is! Just tell me.

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE
*CPE---Consistent Performance Expands