Saturday, March 12, 2011

WARNING...Many Boastful Million Dollar Internet Marketers brag but DON'T DO THIS...Joe Schroeder did and so should you!

How many times have you being a good customer bought products from online internet marketers and have had trouble getting the product? or was it that you were trying to be an even better customer and wanted to return the product and that's when your ""Internet Marketing Nightmare"" began.

Well in the internet marketplace to be an even better appreciated customer ---you better learn before you buy anything--- as a customer...and make sure you've got a friend who know's the marketers real well. Sorta like my friend Lenai Stewart. She knows Joe Schroeder personally.

Well I was talking with Lenai today about an online product that opened my eyes more than all of the books, videos or audio products I've bought on line. Yes it came from Bootleg Joe Schroeder for $14.95 and he must know a thing or two about Customer Care because his client relationships impressed me.

Anyway back to the was only 50 pages of computer printed material but one of the most customer friendly, customer-centric and customer caring books I've ever read on the internet. But I couldn't believe it when I first received it because it wasn't like most products are that customers receive...what I mean is that it wasn't

Real Pretty, Over Processed, over hyped fluff!!!

You see as a customer I've paid some high prices for Fancy book Cover's, Slick Titles and fat books with strategically placed content written to appear like it was a lot of good material but it wasn't full of anything at all...especially a respect for their new well read!

You see I've got a personal book collection of thousands of books maybe approaching tens of thousands of dollars. I've read more books after High School than I ever dreamed of reading when I was in school. So one thing I know about more than people know about me is the books I've recked...reading, highlighting, dog earring, red lining and writing notes in for decades...I LOVE BOOKS!!! and more than loving books I love to Put into ACTION what I read about and would advise you to Take Action on the books you Read or STOP BUYING THEM!!!

Anyway back to the book...This untraditional, over simplified in it's creation and inexpensively created book by Joe Schroeder was one of the Easiest for a book loving customer to understand and most impressively because Great comparisons were made on the inside of it that didn't take me years of re-reading to get the ideas...and it was properly titled "The Mechanics of Wealth".

WARNING...Many Boastful Million Dollar Internet Marketers brag but DON'T DO THIS...Joe Schroeder did and so should you!

I personally could care less how much money Internet Marketers make...the deeper question I want to ask every last Internet Marketer in the world is:

HOW MANY of YOUR CUSTOMERS become Wealthy from the material you produce?

If you can't answer, if you're not tracking this, if you can't prove this...then you're not impressing me with your dollars because they're not making sense!

The value of a man's wealth does not determine his real intelligence and more importantly the benefit and value they are bringing to their community, their mastermind or the people they coach. Give that some thought before.

Well today I ordered a new product and it surprised me when the CEO of the company left me "The Customer" a voice mail...that's right Joe Schroeder himself left me a call LOLLL... but what made it even more hard to Believe is that he left me his cell phone number on the call. How many CEO's are leaving their number for their customers to call them? LOLLL...most internet marketers are giving you "The Jive Talk" automated emails that say...

"I check email twice a day to be efficient. Leave me a call ticket if you'd like to talk to me and I can 't promise that you "The Customer" will even hear from me"....LOLLLL...this is a real joke. PLEASE DON'T you do this to your Customer unless you want to murder your business!!!

If you want your Customers to "FREAK OUT", "LOOK in SURPRISE"...leave them your cell numbers...LOLLLL I know it won't happen though because most internet marketers are afraid of their customers.

Well back to the story because it get's even more EXCITING for me the Customer and more SURPRISING because when I called the number to assure that it was a working number guess what happened???...JOE SCHROEDER---PICKED UP THE PHONE and asked if this was Deremiah. Do you know how many times this has happened to me in the last 8 years that I have been on the internet???...ZERO TIMES!!!

This was the FIRST TIME EVER I have been contacted by the Internet Marketer who runs the internet marketing service after they've left their number for me to call them. That's what I call GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! and mind you it was on a Saturday...Joe Schroeder didn't have to do that but Joe Schroeder is an *CPE...a CUSTOMER PASSION EVANGELIST!

IT NEVER HAPPENS!!!! Believe you me it Has NEVER happened in all of my days on the internet! I've been on nearly 40 list receiving hundreds of emails from all over the world as a customer to some of the most prized List holders in the known internet marketing world and I have N-E-V-E-R had more than two Internet Marketer's I've ever emailed to while being on their list even return a single reply from an email I've sent them other than Ken McArthur and Erik Stafford "The Faster Webmaster". I could name NAMES but all I would end up doing is embarrassing the heck out of a lot of internet Marketers WHO NEVER returned one single email I sent them. If you don't believe me...

JUST EMAIL YOUR LIST HOLDER TODAY and SEE WHAT HAPPENS when you do and leave me a post below letting me know what kind of a response you got...many will probably get angry after this message today!!!

But ladies and gentleman Ole Bootleg Joe Schroeder made my day today when he and I had nearly a 30 minute conversation about the Internet Business that exist today. He did not once try to rush me off the phone and he was sooo polite and genuine answering all of my questions and letting me know I could even cancel my Free Sign up before the end of the month in order not to be charged on the credit for his service. I can't tell you how many people would even do that...disconnect themselves from the selling process and personally tell me to cancel my service to avoid being charged...and I don't need to explain why I'm leaving.

Today my friends Joe Schroeder did what no other internet marketer has ever done...gave me a phone call after I bought a FREE Product from him. Sooo if everyone did what Joe Schroeder did what would it really cost a person to invest that kind of time into every customer that does business with them and what is the real value of the overall affect of doing this? and how valuable would this be to the growth of your business if you did it? If you followed up with your customers on their first FREE investment in your business? What Joe Schroeder did today was reminiscent of how I became SBC AMERITECH's Top employee out of 7,000 workers. PEOPLE IT'S NOT TIME FOR mediocre customer service...IT'S TIME FOR GREAT EVANGELISTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE...KEEP SMILING...I love you.

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

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