Friday, December 29, 2006

BEWARE!! Silent Customers

In New Years people make all kind of resolutions. Most of them are full of lies and half truths. So save yourself and your customer a new headache. Whatever you're willing to change this year just get on with it. Cut the procrastinating and go do it.

Go on! Don't it Now! Don't tell anybody...just do it!

While you're headed toward changing some things this year why not consider changing customers. You know the customers that aren't inviting their friends or family to your products. Just give them up! The ones that just seem like they won't tell anybody about what you do just need to move on. They need to go somewhere where somebody can make them happy or you need to do everything you can within your power to revamp how your customer see's your business.

You see there's only 2 types of customers in the world.

1.) The one's who need to move on
2.) The ones's who need to stay.

The one's who spend money on what you do or The ones's who like their money more than they like your product.

The one's who need to move on are the ones that won't tell anybody about what you do. Those are often the same one's that won't speak a word to anyone about your products or your service.

It seems the one's who need to stay are always letting everybody know about what you're doing annnnn-n-ddd the ones you hate just seem to never tell anyone.

Again, you see there are only 2 types of customers in your community.

1.) The one's with the "Big Mouth's" that tell everybody about how good you are or
2.) The one's with the "little mouth's" that won't tell anybody about how good you are.

You see it's not good when your customers aren't praising your terrific service. When they're not telling their friends about what you do. It's a crying shame. But if they aren't praising your terrific service maybe there's a reason why. By the way how is your service?

Could you use a few "Tell Everybody Customers"

...How about a few hundred of those?

I can hear you saying...yeah Deremiah, where do you order those Passionate Customers from anyway? You've been trying to get a few of those, haven't you?

Somebody asked me if they manufactured those kind of customers at the ---Customer Revival Service--- that's where the old dead beat customers are "Born Again" or somethin' like that.

No, you can't buy customers to tell lies about your service. You either got it honest or YOU DON'T "Got It"! Well don't worry about that...most companies don't got it.

They're so busy trying to cut budget and pinch pennies to show a profit that they don't have time to Serve a customer. Well it's time for you to stop the artificial profit statements and get on with really GREAT Customer Service.

By the way do you have any Servants? Now if you don't have any "Servants" just cancel the GREAT Customer Service you're hoping to find and you can just settle for the Silent Customer types. Seriously...I hope you don't have any "Silent Customers" because if you do here's the way it sounds when you've got "Silent Customers" buying your product.


Did you hear that?

Cause I didn't...

but that's how it sounds when your customers are silent. Shhh! (it's like they don't exist).

But here's six Great ways to purge yourself of the "Silent Customer" types.

1.) Fire all "Silent Customers"

2.) Fire all employees that aren't Servant's

3.) Get rid of the rest of your "dead beat" staff members who aren't PASSIONATE about your product or service.

4.) Put a new Ad in your local paper saying

"We're Hiring" but ONLY SERVANTS need to apply.

5.) Recruit some Zealots that are
A.) Crazy about the Customer
B.) Crazy about your products
C.) Crazy about your Service

6.) If you can't get your customers exicited about the product consider getting out of the business.

Remember don't focus on resolutions BEWARE!! Silent Customers.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE