Sunday, October 30, 2005

"TOP Secret" Customer Service

Well if you haven't heard of "Top Secret" Customer Service chances are you're not performing it. What's even worse you're losing customers and you don't even know it. There's nothing more dissappointing than having customers and losing them.

I don't know how you feel but when I'm losing customers because of something I'm not doing that's not a good thing. But everyday hundreds of customers walk out and never come back. Yes they leave what seems to be great companies to go to their competitors for one simple reason.

Now it's really up to you to consider if their leaving your company...the one organization you believe is performing "Knock Out" Customer Service on a daily basis. Well before you close the book on whether customers are leaving your organization for this one small customer failure consider this. Does the company I work for perform "Top Secret" Customer Service?

My mentor and friend Brian Tracy would be the first to tell you that taking care of your customer should be the primary focus of your business.

So what is "Top Secret" Customer Service? And how can you tell you're missing it? Well I'll answer both of those questions for you but first let me tell you this. I had more than a few jobs where customer service was not a priority of the company. I'm not saying that it wasn't important. I'm just saying that it really wasn't at the top of the priority list for some of the companies I worked for. Especially for those companies who had business just chasing them all the way to the front door of their company.

"Top Secret" Customer Service is simply this. The T-O-P in "Top Secret" is an acronym that means...Teams Overcoming Problems...that's "Top Secret" Customer Service.

Whenever your company focuses on taking care of your customer from a Team work approach that's "Top Secret" Customer Service. That's the surprise hidden element in your customer service that only well oiled corporations perform consistently and continously like clock work.

All the other companies wish they had what your organization has. And that keeps your customers returning over and over again without question for the rest of their lives. Most organizations perform their duties as a project in other words requiring the assistance of others with in their corporate body. Small businesses do this same thing almost hourly through out the day using partnerships with outside vendors. These relationships are the teams that make businesses run and repeat purchases occur systematically and repetitiously.

This is the "Top Secret" Customer Service you need to activate with in your organization. If you already have a team approach to doing business this is the customer service you need to inspect daily beause if it's not "Inspected" it's not "Expected". Thanks for your time and I wish you the best Customer Service ever.

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

If your Team is not overcoming problems than you can bet your companies losing valuable clients that could grow your business exponentially