Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is the Successfool a Fool? The Illumniate Conference

In the age of recessions and bombing market stock prices the Successfool, Alejandro Reyes is at it again. This California Social Web 2.0 marketing maniac is just up to no good in the eyes of some but many others beg to differ.

One things for sure he's taking a lot of heat for doing an Internet Conference he call's "Illuminate Conference" So what the heck is an Illuminate Conference and why should every failing, fledgling internet online business owner be there? Or why should every offline business owner who knows that they really haven't had a successful profit margin be there?

Well I'm not quite sure if I have all the answers yet but I'm going to the event to do a story. I have to find out why the Successfool thinks he's got the best option for anyone in the internet industry of anyone looking to cut their losses.

One things for sure he does have a panel of some of the leading. brightest, online internet marketers the world has ever known. Wth this much brain power in one roomhow can he go wrong. He has people like Joel Comm, Mike Farwell, Jermaine Griggs and a whole host of other creative types. Stay tuned as we do an article about why they're here.

So why is Alajandro fooolishly believing he can offer a conference seminar like none you've never seen? Simply Foolish