Monday, January 22, 2007

What Went Wrong on the Porcelain Throne...tells from the Dark Side.

On the Church of the Customer Blog I shared my comments about Scotts tissue with Jackie & Ben of the Customer Evangelist organization. My comment has to do with an add campaign that appears to lack a lot of appreciation from the customer. Please read that comment below. Thanks.

Hi there Jackie,

Hope things are going great for you and Ben. Read your post and here's my 50 cent.
Scott's is making a big mistake. Not describing to your customer why you want to extract any kind of personal information from them is always a bad strategic plan.
Approaching it without explaination kills the win-win opportunity you're trying to create for your customers every time. In the world of your customer sensitivity to personal challenges must always be done in a way that reflects fore thought.

Requesting personal negative experiences from your customer without an offering that reflects concern or an exchange for information that does not give something of equal value creates instability in the customer relationship.
Customers eventually walk away from a situation like this feeling empty wondering where's the *WIIFM...What's In It For Me.
With Scott's there's no WIIFM only *NIIFM...Nothing In It For Me.
Now repeat the the title
"Scott's Clog Clinic"

5 times and tell me what it sounds like? Sure enough...a tongue twister. hey that's an idea. Maybe a tongue twister campaign for their customers would have been more relevant.
At least this would offer your clients an opportunity to challenge themselves and at the same time compete for a prize that would gaurantee something of value at the end of the offer. Like we'll give you a nice prize for offering your tongue twister and an additional item of benefit for telling your story about your clogged up moments on the porcelain throne. Thanks1
Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE