Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deremiah In CELEBRATION of MLK Birthday

Deremiah has released a soulful uptempo song which gives praise to the celebration of Dr. King's Dream. But the truth is we all have a Dream and that Dream looks different for all of us. MLK clearly helps us to recognize what that dream may look like across racial, cultural and religious ...lines.

Deremiah's dream is to see War Cease and PEACE reset a new stage for world change. Sooo celebrate with us today as we usher in this US Holiday featuring Deremiah's debut song called "I Gotta Dream". If you haven't heard it you've got to imagine the JOY of seeing the world at peace instead of war. Keep smiling and expecting your dream to come to pass because you gotta dream. Thanks for all you do in love.

***Peace is Possible… watch for the picture of the children Hugging…these children attend the Peace Preschool at the Jerusalem International YMCA where they continue to bring together 120 children – Christians, Jews and Muslims, religious and secular, from home and abroad - in an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence.*****

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Thank YOU Martin Luther King for having the courage to STAND for Peace!

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