Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Deremiah *CPE Reflects on Steve Jobs death & "WHAT'S NEXT"

For the past week I passed by my October 24, 2005 issue of TIME magazine highlighting Steve Jobs with the new video iPod and iMac on the front cover as it sat on the counter.  Something would not allow me to archive it in the magazine rack where it belonged because for some reason it didn't belong there.  

I couldn't help but reflect upon this Great Man every single time I passed by it with the iconic words on the screen of the iMac "WHAT'S NEXT"...The man who always seems to know...has died but not without leaving his Mark.  It's hard to imagine as I send condolences out to his family, friends and company that Steve Jobs, the Genius who has contributed soooo much to where we're going next won't be around to take us to the "What's Next". 

But if we look deeper at the value of Job's contribution and dream along with him we can faintly begin to see What's Next. If we can IMAGINE how technology can impact our lives and the lives of the children coming behind us and work as hard on our imagination as Steve Jobs did the Mac, the iPod, and the iPhone...we will begin to see the path that Jobs left for us to take. 

It's not often that life brings us a Visionary, someone who somehow survives the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial experiences even though the economy carries more similarities to the Great Depression than to the ideal market place of a thriving dreamer. Steve Jobs has left us but not without the determination, mindset and effort that it takes to continue to ask ourselves "What's Next" or What would Steve do?

Before we begin to explore the possibilities of "What's Next" let's all just pause to give thanks to someone who not only influenced our lives but let's give Thanks to a Great Visionary who has given us the heart and courage to believe we can do it differently and "Our Different way Can Work! 

THANKS Steve Jobs for daring to do something differently that worked!

KEEP SMILING...I love you!

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE