Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Do Something for NOTHING Day! Declares BESTSELLING Author Ken McArthur

I hereby declare that this is "Do Something for Nothing Day!"

I'm going to do something for nothing and I encourage YOU
to do it too! It's fun and it feels good!

My friend Deremiah *CPE (ask him about his name) and
I first connected at jvAlert Live where I learned about his
story where he returned from the brink of suicide to build
a well deserved reputation as an inspirational speaker ...
and gave back countless hours of service to teens at risk
for suicide.

Together with the help of the jvAlert Live and Impact
communities and the incredible Impact Action Team we
were able to get a simple message of hope out to
millions of people in an exciting 30 day period of hope.

Now Deremiah is working with Spike Hummer on a
special project and he asked me to help him promote it.

I don't know Spike at all, but Jay Abraham says "Spike
Hummer is probably the finest business performance
specialist that I've ever met."

I could earn commissions off of their affiliate program,
but the truth is I'd just like to do this to support Deremiah.

People ask me all the time to promote their products.

If you realize that there are thousands of jvAlert Live
members, and over 100,000 people on my lists who
are all interested in business on the Internet, you know
that I can't possibly help them all.

But ... in the spirit of "Do Something for Nothing" Day
I want to share Spike's video with you. I think you
might find something of value and it's always nice to
do something for nothing.

Plus I just want to do something nice for Deremiah.


It won't cost either of us anything to click on the link
and take a look ... and it will help my friend Deremiah.

I love doing that.

Speaking of friends ...

Mark Joyner's Simpleology is software that allows you
to get a full day's work done in two hours.

They're about to break 1,000,000 users almost all
from word-of-mouth. If you set up your account
before they hit the million mark you'll get a free
download - "The Top 5 Most Inspiring Video Clips
of All Time"


That's some landmark! How would YOU like to have
a million users!


All the buzz from Orlando for our very first SUPER panel
has created a firestorm of activities around our Washington
D.C. Event and I want to make this one the most amazing
of all.

I've been constantly answering emails from world-class
experts who want to be part of our SUPER panel at
jvAlert Live Washington, D.C. on June 3rd - 5th.

So this one should be even more amazing than the Orlando



People already locked in to be there include:

Phil Basten
Nashlah Boyayan
Shahar Boyayan
Hollis Carter
Joe Clayton
Bill Clemens
Lee Collins
Willie Crawford
Jim Donovan
Mike Evans
Edie Galley
Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Audrey Kerwood
Tony Laidig
Walt Laurel
Simon Leung
Jane Mark
Ken McArthur
PJ McClure
Daven Michaels
Vin Montello
Joey Montez
Chris Moos
Mark Nathwani
Scott Paton
Nancy Perez
Robert Puddy
Micheal Savoie
Frank Sousa
Larry Steinhouse
Imal Wagner
Mike Wesely
Wes Wyatt

and more more more.


Hotel information is at:


As is becoming frighteningly USUAL, some attendees
for jvAlert Live Orlando were not able to get rooms at
the event hotel because they procrastinated about
getting their hotel reservation.

PLEASE don't do that!

Get your plane tickets and hotel reservations taken care
of now.

It doesn't cost you a cent to make the reservation
now, but it can save you time and energy later if you
get it done today.


Our hotel is the Westin Washington Dulles, so definitely
fly into Dulles Airport and NOT National Airport for
ease of transportation.

The event is June 3rd - 5th, with discounted hotel rates
available at least 2 days pre and post.


I would encourage you to arrive Thursday, June 2nd, 2011.

People who arrive on Thursday will be meeting to have dinner
together and spend time getting to know each other before the

Be sure to plan to stay Sunday night also, because we have a
networking breakfast on Monday morning before everyone leaves
for home.

All the best,


Ken McArthur

And more, more, more.

P.S. Login to Tobri today!


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