Friday, June 09, 2006

1 Brutally Effective Kickbutt Dentist: Dr. John C. Mason of St. Charles He's "Customer Passionate"

First off, for the next several months I'm going to be sharing with you secrets from my "Customer Passionate" series. This will include highlights and even real up close and personal interviews with experts ...women and men who are really "Customer Passionate" toward the client.

Dr. John C. Mason = "Customer Passionate"

Today we'll highlight none other than Dr. John C. Mason of St. Charles. He's an amazing Dentist who really reveres his customers and you can tell with every smile. While there are some Dr.'s in the dental and medical field who have great manners with their customers there are many who could definitely learn so much more from Dr. Mason. Dentist like him are very rare.

You see he has great patience and tenderness to go beyond normal expectations. You know the kind of experience you normally don't receive in the dentist chair. I know this first hand since I've seen him in action. And even when he works you can see the gentleness in the way he communicates with his patients.

You can tell that he loves his work.

All the way down to the way he handles procedures like giving shots and going over X-rays or problem areas. You never sense that he focuses on you as a dollar sign even though you know they'll be money exchanging at the end of the transaction. But I've also seen Dr. Mason work with his most financially challenged patients in a way that brings dignity and integrity to the process. In the end you walk away feeling endeared and respected. I could say so much more about Dr. Mason but you don't have all day so I'll let it end here. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE