Saturday, June 08, 2013

JC Penney #1 Mistake...Relationship!

I just read the "The 5 Big Mistakes That Led to Ron Johnson's Ouster at JC Penney" by Brad Tuttle, at Time Business and Money. There's only one mistake that JC Penney is's losing relationship with it's Customers.  

It doesn't take 17 month's to realize you're losing your customer relationship. Buying a new house, painting it all white, adding all new furnishings by Martha Stewart doesn't improve a marriage.  It also doesn't improve your relationships with your existing customers. 

Putting your boy friend in a new skinny suit that doesn't improve a bad relationship either. But getting back to Evangelizing JC Penney Customers with that's about improving relationships! 

Forgetting to ask a Customer "How may I SERVE You?"...that's the Mistake you don't want to ever make.

Myron Ullman has one Mistake he really needs to fix at JCPenney...Relationship.

Lovingly Deremiah *CPE

How may I SERVE You?