Sunday, August 03, 2008

The FUN-damental's of Out Door Learning

Juliet Robertson, unleashed a Great bit of insight on Facebook today about the value of how children learn by posting a video called Get' em outside This is most definitely something we should all be doing more of to help the child customer learn easier and faster. But the same rule could be applied to the adult customer employee.

When I was involved with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce "Workforce Education Committee" we were always looking for ways to get corporations to partner with schools so that children could leave the stale environment of class and take a journey into the real world.

Now if your business isn't finding ways to implement these kinds of things to get children involved in Outdoor Learning you're missing a ---HUGE OPPORTUNITY---. Furthermore if you're not allowing your employees to get away from their stale indoor environment their not learning anything new GET' em away from the office and Get' em into outdoor learning. Did you know some of the greatest thinkers of our times took long walks to open up the mind.

Juliet's an expert at this kind of stuff, winning a Winston Churchill Fellowship for her ideas on the subject. She's great at helping others appreciate the contributions corporations, entrepreneurs and schools could play together with this and have a lot of FUN doing it. Go to her website on .

Here's the moral of the story...Great Education occurs when we find our PASSION...leaving the drudgery of the old paradigm behind in search of the New paradigm "FUN WORK" ---so Get' em out doors and let your workers have some FUN. That's FUN-damental