Friday, December 31, 2010

Deremiah *CPE...FUZZY CUSTOMER CARE-Be Good To Your Customers

It's very rare to find business people taking "good care" of their customers. It's even more rare to find them taking "GREAT care" of their customers. Often times we find customers being really left out of the "Customer Care" equation all together. I've often wondered how can business people get sooo FOCUSED on the money making know the business plan, the marketing plan and the product plan but still be sooo FUZZY and unclear about taking GREAT CARE of customers? I'm still searching for the answer. You want to increase the profits of your business but you're increasing FUZZY CUSTOMER CARE. I've only got five words for business people...Be GOOD To Your Customers. Fuzzy Customer Care is out and being good to your customers is in! That's Cool Business ladies and gentleman..."Being GOOD to Your Customers". Now here's some of the ways I do it.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't try any of these if you can't be Genuine, Sensitive, Considerate and Loving when you do. These are not gimmicks or tricks but true authentic ways to care for Customers in a way that will surely set you apart.


1. Before interacting with a customer "Shift your state of consciousness" and act as if you're dealing with someone you love or someone you're falling in love with. It's sure to make your Customer's feel the love.

2. If you're meeting a customer in person or over the phone send an email verifying your meeting of a confirmation that assures them that you're going to be there.

3. Send your Customers a card on their Birthday and make it one with a lot of Fun and laughter in it! Since I sing I do this through Video's on Facebook or youtube!

4. Mail a THANK YOU Card, Note or Handwritten Letter to your Customer telling them how much you love them by pointing out something that makes them an outstanding person. When I was a consultant working with Fortune 500 and 100 companies I stood out from all the other people in my company by using this one approach in a Genuine and sincere way.

Thanks for reading...this will elevate your Customer Service from FUZZY CUSTOMER CARE to GREAT CUSTOMER CARE!

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE