Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Protect your customers and improve customer relationships by changing your attitude filter every 12,000 smiles!


Is your attitude filter past its intended life? If you're not sure you might want to get your annual check up before your attitude filter wears out. Yes, damaging attitudes have been known to enter into many of your Customer Relationships causing you to lose valuable friendships and strong geniune client relationships. This causes increased Customer wear and tear like nothing you've ever seen. But most people ignore this and tend not to wake up before it's too late.

Now most of your companies employees are unaware of the attitudes they possess when they're in the presence of their customers. Or maybe I should say they're just not aware of the attitudes that possess them. Often times we're controlled by our attitudes when our attitudes should be controlled by us.

Remember in order to be extremely successful we all need "Attitude Filters". And those filters can only hold a limited amount of *BAC...Bad Attitude Contaminants before they become so filled that there is potential for negative attitudes to seep through and bypass the filter seal on your mouth releasing poisonus words into the atmosphere. *BAC is an ancronym I've created that tells us exactly what happens when we have Bad Attitude Contaminants...our customers get *BAC (back), afraid of what's about to develop in the customer relationship. When this occurs contaminated attitudes can enter the heart of your relationship and cause severe damage. This is dangerous and becomese very important for you to get *BAC out of your life.

The ingestion of *BAC into your customer relationships occurs through their ears. When ingestion of negative attitudes happens there is scientific proof that the customers leave in droves without ever notifing the company. That's right they never come back. And all this occurs because you didn't change your attitude filter every 12,000 Smiles.

The first indication you might notice when your attitude filter becomes clogged is a reduction in the use of facial muscles that cause you to smile. The human smile :-) is the first line of resistence against all negative attitudes. My mentor Brian Tracy says "your outer world is a reflection of your inner world". So when your smiles per hour decrease on the outside that's just a reflection. But that reflection is communicating something to the outside world that something with in you is down :-( and not working properly. But don't worry...this can be instantly corrected if you immediatley go to a mirror and cause your outer world to project what you want your inner world to reflect. Just smile at yourself. Yeah I know it sounds silly but smile anyway! For quicker and more longer lasting but more powerful results just smile at someone else. Again don't wait just do it.

If you began to immediately notice a decrease in your *SPH...Smiles Per Hour then doing what I told you above will increase and accelerate you back to rapid recovery. So if you're not smiling when you're with your customers "That's the first clue" that your negative attitude inhibitors aren't firing. The only way to overcome this decrease in performance is to boost your inner spirits. Additionally you need to remember your attitude filter restricts Relationship-Flow (this is the ability of your customers to flow smoothly in a relationship with you.)

Most people invest all of their time and energy into developing cash-flow. But the quickest way to increase ALL opportunity in your life including cash-flow and business opportunities is to develop your Relationship-Flow. Relationship-Flow is the newest wave of the mellinium. When your attitude filter is working properly you will see an increase and expansion in your relationship-flow. The number of customers you attract and increase on an annual basis will soon began to soar into the Thousands and eventually the Tens of Thousands. That is why the experts at *CPE recommend changing your attitude filter every 12,000 smiles. It just pays to do it!

Is there anything I can do for you?

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)