Sunday, June 26, 2005

Boss I Shrunk The Customer's (Don't you do this)

"Boss I Shrunk The Customer's" is the new Nightmare sequel for corporations who are losing customers because of a few mad CRM's who are trying to artificially expand your customer base without truly developing relationships with your clients. Here are two ways you can shrink the customers.

1.) Blindly applying a technological solution to every one of your customer issues and thinking that's the end all cure to all of your customer relationship problems. You've seen phone companies kill more customers than they could ever imagine when they put a huge automated phone service technology to managing their customers.

The End Result: Customer Migration...Causing people to get lost in the maze of the phone abyss until you frustrate the customer to death is one sure fired way to communicate to your boss that you've shrunk the customers.

2.) Attempting to grow your customer base exponentially without putting in the time, the genuine, and the sincere effort to grow your customer relationships one client at a time.

The End Result: Customers lose hope in the opportunity that maybe someday they would really find what it means to get uniquely diverse service from your organization. Creating hope is one of the only ways to avoid shrinking the customers.

If you can think of other ways you've seen companies shrink the customer let us know.