Monday, March 05, 2012

#2 Bad Customers Hate it, But Good Customers Love it!

Money Making Key #2 add some "CUSTOMER FEEL GOOD"

No Matter how great your product or service is none of that will get your customers back in your presence faster than making them FEEL GOOD!

The reason why Bad Customers hate you is because they really do want to resist falling in Love with how Good you're making them FEEL in the Customer Relationship Experience. They'll never tell you this so I have to...they just don't want you to have any leverage in the Customer Relationship experience at all, because they want to be able to keep you at a distance like they do all of their other merchant's.  By keeping you at a distance, you easily allow your Customer the opportunity to walk away from doing business with you at any time, when they really deserve to be experiencing More and MORE of your products and services everyday.  

Please don't allow your customers to FEEL BAD in the Customer Relationship experience because they want to keep some distance between you and their next buying experience. Please don't allow them to walk away from doing business with you without any regrets.  If you haven't done a Good job of helping your Customer come to appreciate how much you really do Love them  doing business with you the bottom  will fall out soon enough.

Remember Committed Customer's are not sooo easy to come by in a good or bad economy but they become the hardest to come by especially in tough times.  So find every opportunity and every chance you get to make your customers FEEL GOOD!  This is one of the simplest, easiest ways to appeal to your customers heart but you must keep this attention of loving them as your primary FOCUS of doing business.  

Next, take Great care of your Customers EXPERIENCE and they will APPRECIATE you so much that they will come back as quickly as they can and they won't come back alone but they'll return with more of their friends because they really do LOVE how GOOD you make them FEEL. 

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

Stay tuned for your next Key that will Unlock the Doors of this Economy through your Customers Heart!

Deremiah *CPE, Author of 52 GREAT WEEKS, has created a simple yet novel way for small business owners to expand the footprint of their business by implementing the Servant's Mentality paradigm.