Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King a real Customer Servant. A Real woman of Influence!

When I think of Coretta Scott King I think what a great woman! You see she devoted so much of her life to her husband, her children but at the same time she brought such wonderful new meaning to the word service. She was wise, patient and willing to serve the world. Besides that she was a Great Customer Servant.

What do I mean by that? I mean her devotion to others is more than self sacrificing...It was what every employee for every corporation should strive to maintain. The heart of her work rest in what all companies should reveal to every customer they have the power to influence. Great service is not hidden but like a beacon it pours forth across cultures and civilizations.

And Coretta Scott King was an amazing influencer. A wonderful light for other women and children but also for men. She was a lighthouse for corporations who have lost the passion to continously repeatedly provide consistent service. She will be greatly missed and I believe she was a real Customer Servant.

Simultaneously mastering the ability to be a great servant of the world and at the same time a great servant of hundereds of small communities everywhere. Mrs. Coretta Scott King gave up her own hopes and dreams to remain committed to the dream of a King.

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

Friday, January 13, 2006

Seth Godin serves Customers by repenting...What?

Seth Godin is a pretty interesting guy in that he serves his customers passionately even to the point of repenting. You heard me right. Great Customer Passion Evangelist do repent. His input on the state of marketing and his concepts at least from his blog are very interesting. I spent a few minutes reading a number of his post today and was quite impressed to find him admitting he was wrong about the "Windy City" (Chicago) not being so Windy (see January 11, 2006 Seth Godin . Well I was so glad to see him do a turn about with this remark.

Not only does he admit his error but he also linked you to the website that corrects the earlier position he took on his blog. I'm so glad he did because I know first hand that the Windy City is windy. First because I lived right off of Chicago's lake front community. For nearly a decade I racked up a large number of miles jogging on the lake and if you think Chicago isn't Windy you need to try this!

I'm not sure where Seth is from but I challenge him to come to Chicago and run off the lake for one year and he'll learn first hand why they named Chicago the Windy City. As children we even gave the invisible force of blazing wind a nick-name...we called it "The Hulk".

Seth shows a wonderful character trait in how he admits to making this error about the Windy City. He very gracefully bows out, apologizes and creates another post.

The moral of this story is customers Love knowing you're human, you make mistakes but most of all you're so down to earth that you're willing to repent and move on. The quicker you admit you're wrong the quicker the customer will forgive you. I hope you have a great day!

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE