Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Are you an employer or manager and is it your responsibility to over see the workers who are supposed to be part of your *CCT, Customer Care Team? As a manager or supervisor do you ever wonder how your employees really treat your customers? If you've never given this any thought think about it again.

is a very important part of really seeing how your company does business. As a matter of fact hire some people, call into your own business or maybe even have a friend call into your company and determine what level of service your employees are giving your customers. Is it a charm or is it a harm?

Some companies just back off without ever reviewing an employees working relationship with it's customers...that's a mistake. Your customers are the life blood and partner of your organization. Being a CRM may not be enough to take you to the next level with your clients but being a *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist) will allow you to evangelize every single customer with the passion they deserve.

Is The Third Time A CHARM or Was It A HARM!
We all have heard how the third time is supposed to be a charm. Well today for me and a few of my fellow tax paying citizens the third time was not a charm. Often times dealing with representatives of a company can be an ugly experience. Those who are supposed to be front line employees should know better and understand how they should treat their companies customers. The companies customers belong to the company not to the employee of the company but sometimes workers who are employed by the company forget who the customers belong to.

Although the company gives their employees the authority to deal with their clients they often forget to check the level of service being dealt out. But your lack of knowledge does not bring your customers back from the dead or a harmful experience. It's the companies responsibility to examine using first hand practical direct observation techniques.

Make monthly, weekly, & daily check-ups a thing your company does often.

It's amazing to me how much more money a company could be earning if they truly had employees who were into serving the customer with passion. But sometimes that's not what you get when you meet these frontline workers. Sometimes you get what we got today...a whole lot of grief, bad attitudes and to make matters worse we even paid them for it.

So when you think the third time is supposed to be a charm think about this: Have I called into my company this week or even once this month to test the value of our service? Have I examined first hand how my customers are helping me gain or lose money? Is the third time a charm for my customers or was it a harm to my customers? Think about this!