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International News: The Kelikian Experience Part 2

Hi, this is Deremiah *CPE,

I'm back to tell you about part 2 of "The Kelikian Experience". I've already received some emails from others who have appreciated how "The Kelikian Experience" is a great example of how to Evangelize your Customers with Passion but many want me to continue with the story so I will.


What you've probably picked up so far in the story about "The Kelikian Experience" Part 1, is that Dr. Armen S. Kelikian is an EXCELLENT Customer Passion Evangelist. So let's review real quickly and pick up where we left off. Remember in part 1 of "The Kelikian Experience" we discovered multiple basic benefits for how an *CPE like Dr. Kelikian ---Serves to Protect The Customer--- like a client. Most of the benefits were hidden in the story of the text but let's peel some of this back like an onion to reveal what's really taking place here.

Did you pay close attention to the details? Because if you did you were able to see a great deal about that customer protection. But let's pause for a brief moment to reflect on what a client is. A "Client" is someone who is under the protection of the company that has secured the customer for their business interest. Another way to put it is when I want your business (which means I want to make you my customer) I go out of my way to assure you of certain protections... that's what Dr. Kelikian did and that's how he uses "The Kelikian Experience" to work as a Win, Win, Win for all concerned. I'm not even sure if he understands in every way the kind of emotional impact he's having on the customer. And I have to admit from a certain level of experience when you really become "The Servant" of the customer and you've done this for years it becomes just become extremely Passionate and compassionate for your customer.


Dr. Kelikian is a smart physician who serves his customers and secures his customers protection. So he brought me underneath his protection showing me the attributes of "The Kelikian Experience". And if you're following closely you will see that these are the following attributes of "The Kelikian Experience": He made sure that I was examined properly (and completely), he was passionate, warm, gentle, cordial, used a little humor at the right time and when you view below you'll get to see how he uses the next attribute...his great knowledge to educate (me) the customer and engage his assistants to rally around me. Through the rest of his staff they continue the perfect group hug (with the customer in the middle) to show the customer that they love ---not only the work they do--- BUT that ---they LOVE the customers they Protect--- and this is why I call it "The Kelikian Experience". So let's continue with part 2 of "The Kelikian Experience" where you'll find me in the office of a Northwestern Surgeon and Clinical Professor by the name of Dr. Armen S. Kelikian right after the initial examination...let us continue here.

As you remember Dr. Kelikian just sent me through a quick battery test to determine that what he saw on the MRI ---reflected what was still going on in my body--- as I stood in his prescence (in his office on North LakeShore Drive in Downtown Chicago). And that's the genius of how you know you're in the presence of a Great Orthopedic specialist...when your doctor goes the extra mile to make sure that the medical scientific readings on the computer reflect the muscular physical responses of the body that's in front of him. Because there are times when the technology used to measure a bodies general functions may be different than what is being observed.

So Dr. Kelikian then decided that it was time to not just tell me about the surgery (as my previous orthopedic doctor had done) but he dealt with me in a very diginified manner of which I consider this to be part of the excellence he has taken to craft "The Kelikian Experience". So he pulls out a three page article outlining the surgery in detail including a ---full explanation--- of what he was going to do. Even scribling notes on the document for me to take with me. The document was full of content but also containing multiple drawings of the surgery. In this one generous act of educating his client he covers the three-fold principle of teaching using ---The Three Legged Stool Technique---. Always be sure to explain using a method that touches the Audio, Kinesthetic and visual learner especially when you're unsure of how your patient learns. 1.) Dr. Kelikian's oral explanation appeals to the "Audio Learner" in me as you listen intently to what he says, 2.) The physical presence of the document ---which is tangible--- and used for the purpose of being held by the patient appeals to the "Kinesthetic Learner" in me (now I have something to touch) and 3.) finally the images and words on paper simultaneously all appeal to the "Visual Learner" in me.

The error of the previous doctor was that he only assumed that I was an audio learner trying to explain a very visual experience using one aspect of the three-legged stool of learning. Always remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Use the three-legged stool of learning like Dr. Kelikian and then you'll slowly approach achieving "The Kelikian Experience". Even in Branding a smart company uses the artisitc design of their logo to appeal to the non-verbal instincts by creating visual anchorings that they are trying to set in their customers subconscious.

Dr. Kelikian's group then stepped up to strengthen what he had set in place. Carol King an assistant for Dr. Kelikian for eleven years came in to explain the Pre-Op Surgery procedures. Giving me a document that was hard to misplace as it was several pages of pre surgery and post surgery instructions including pictures of what buildings the surgery would be in and where to park. It was quite an impressionable document and it was on Lavender paper which made it harder to misplace. Carol was very polite and made sure that I understood that I needed to go through this document. Dr. Kelikian's assistant came in to measure my calv's to determine if there was any shrinkage in the injured one. Then they had me complete the final pages on some paper work I needed to fill out with the front desk secretary. In the backroom there secretary Michelle G., was planning on making another effort to try and finalize the insurance for clearance to cover a surgery that needed to be put in place two days from our first meeting. "The Kelikian Experience" rounded itself off with a group hug when I received support from several other members of the group who all reflected that their one main focus and objective was to assure that I was protected and provided for. I hope you have learned something tremendous from "The Kelikian Experience". If you'd like to tell me more about what you grasped out of this article please send me an email at .

Well I've got to go now but I hope to see you there where you belong at the Top! Will you join me?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah *CPE

International News: The Kelikian Experience Part 1

Hey I'm Deremiah *CPE,

as a motivational speaker you know I like to talk about the value of exuberance and the power of being a true living, moving, breathing life force in your own destiny. While most people are narrowly involved in the active preoccupation of their own success I challenge you to go for it. You see to go after it is the only true way to grasp opportunities...especially those that have been laying dormant at the gateway to your life. Somewhere beyond your door post is the very thing you've been dreaming to see all the time. And I'm fortunate in that right now I'm extremely excited about what I'm going to share with you today. Because I have a wonderful opportunity to share with you from a totally different level than anything I've discovered on TV, DVD, CD... I mean NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN nor BET have the likes of what I've discovered in a little guy named Dr. Armen S. Kelikian. So tonight I'm going to show you something you're going to enjoy about some breaking news I'm the first to expose called "The Kelikian Experience".

You know periodically I like to step back and pull the wool off your eyes ---bring you something surprising and refreshing---so that you can really see things that normally you could only just wish to see or hope to imagine or dream about.

So let me get to why I've entitled this customer service adventure "The Kelikian Experience". Near the end of July 2007 I met a doctor who had the greatest bedside manners and knowledge I've seen in a long time. And after two months of drudgery dealing with HMO doctors believe you me I was ready for a change and "The Kelikian Experience" was the change I needed. In our day and age I've found more times than not that the Medical Care experience has not always been "very, very, good to me". And while I'm not going to get into the depth of the misfortune I've recently experienced I'd rather focus on the positive refreshing aspects that I enjoyed from "The Kelikian Experience" itself. But if you feel like sharing your nightmare concerning a bad HMO experience please shoot me an email. Otherwise just send me your positive responses concerning what you like or what you've gained from "The Kelikian Experience" by sending your email here .

Well I came to Dr. Kelikian in pursuit of "The Kelikian Experience" after I was misdiagnosed and sent through an exhausting nearly two month fiasco that left me limping for that same length of time. I was still not discouraged and just as persistent as ever to get to "The Kelikian Experience". When he met me in his office overlooking beautiful LakeShore Drive in Chicago it was quite oceanic. Dr. Kelikian, better known as Dr. Armen S. Kelikian, (a Professor and a Clinical Instructor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Northwestern University Medical School here in Chicago, Illinois ) comes from a very proud tradition of medical doctors and has been beyond excellent through out the whole process. He's also the surgeon for the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Blackhawks professional teams. He was referred to me by my dear friend and college buddy, Brian McCaskey of the Chicago Bears.

As Dr. Kelikian came into the room he was very low keyed but a warm introduction and his assistant on the heels of his feet. He asked me what was the problem of which I informed him that my Achilles was torn. He looked at the injured ankle and then like a classic physician of his stature looked at the good ankle. (my previous primary physician did not do this) Sure enough he said that's what it looks like. He asked me if I had an MRI and he politely asked to see it and then politely excused his self to go and view it.

A quick few minutes and he was back in the room and agreed with the diagnosis. But even in the event of knowing it was torn he could have started talking about surgery but little did I know at the time I was dealing with a seasoned doctor of great professionalism...yes, I was experiencing "The Kelikian Experience".

He was slow and gentle taking me through a battery of test to assume the level of damage and recovery since it had been two months. Sort of like a first date..."don't move to quickly and share as much as you invite questions". Here is where I had the opportunity to take notes as I examined the examiner for myself. Yes I found that Dr. Kelikian was not only warm and polite but he too also had a lovely since of humor. Asking me to get up on the very good ankle, which means to rise up on the front pad of my foot to see how long I could hold up my body weight (which reflects the use of a good achilles)...this was rather easy to do as Dr. Kelikian complimented me on the size of my Calv's (they are unusually massive reflecting the power I use to get out of them when I played NCAA Division III football at North Park University) and then he said in a casual light hearted way with a smile in his voice..."humor me and get up on the bad ankle" Of course I almost laughed (lol) as I tried to rise up on it knowing that it was utterly impossible. But I found it sure was a nice way to say to me indirectly that if you can get up on that bad ankle with the torn Achilles Deremiah, then this will be like watching Jesus walk across the water.

I'm going to continue with part 2 of "The Kelikian Experience" so please be sure to pick up where you'll learn what else Dr. Kelikian does well when you read...

...SHOW YOUR CUSTOMER AS YOU TELL THEM... (will be where we pick up)

Well I've got to go now but I hope to see you there where you belong at the Top! Will you join me?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah *CPE

don't forget to read "The Kelikian Experience" Part 2

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ben Mack-A-Licious: Think AGAIN...THINK DEEPER...Chapter 1

Hi you,

it's me again...but this time we're going to go deeper.

Yeah I thought we'd move on to Chapter 2 today but something's bothering me about "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead" by Ben Mack. One things for sure after today's rant you'll be thinking a whole lot differently. Do you wanna think differently? Do you really want to go deeper? And if you do are you ready for this?

Well I hope you got the book by now. If you haven't you'll just have to take my word for it. Personally I'd rather read it for myself. There's something intimate about reading that you can't get any other way. Eyes glued to the page, minds completely focused and your cerebral working at maximum capacity. Visual mental images taking on their own organic structures. Do you feel me? It's very uplifting. It's the only way to develop a beautiful mind.

Well here we go...Chapter 1 (a little deeper)

Title: Pool Hall Wisdom

In chapter one Ben Mack makes sure to note "I assume you're able to attract a customer and get a sale". This is a very simple but powerful comment. Don't you dare under estimate where it can take you. Why? Because if you can't attract a customer or get a sale DON'T even try to Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead. If you do you're wasting your time.

This is a pretty interesting bit of Pool Hall Wisdom here. And you might think that I'm over doing it but here's the truth. Have you ever played pool? If you have, you know it's about knocking balls into the pocket. And if you can't get balls in the pocket, there's no sense in contemplating two shots ahead.

I make a motion that Ben's next book should be "Make One Shot Right Now! What to do before You Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead".

Life, branding, marketing and pool all require that you learn how to make the first shot.

In other words the Mack-A-Licious, Ben is just trying to let us know that all the THINKING without selling equals "ZERO" on the bottom line. And zero to the bottom line is just down right unproductive.

BEWARE of advertising agencies that are more concerned with creating a powerful award-winning ad campaign for you then they are making you money. When it's all said and done you've got to be prepared to open the doors to the shop tomorrow.

Impressive logo's, letterheads, envelopes, shirts, TV advertisements and print campaigns are all great. But the goal is take care of your customers and clients. And if you do they'll buy what you're selling if what you sell matters.

Here's the Go Deeper PRINCIPLE

Chapter 1 principle #1:

Master the art of Thinking TWO PRODUCTS Ahead and don't forget to knock some balls in the pocket and make some sells.

Well I've got to go now but I hope to see you there where you belong at the Top! Will you join me?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mack-A-Licious: Think Two Products Ahead...Danger Chapter 1

Hi you,

here's the rant you need concerning Ben Mack's latest book "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead". And let me be quite clear you only have to be warned of the apparent danger if you failed to heed the directive. Are you thinking two products ahead?

I'd be willing to tell you most of my clients are not. Actually most of my clients aren't even reading to advance their current knowledge. I hope you are. It's the only way to develop a beautiful mind.

Well here we go...Chapter 1.

Title: Pool Hall Wisdom

Watch out as Ben Mack gives a great bit of insight where he compares Marketing to a game of pool. If you miss this analogy you lose the game, the name and the fame.

His technique smooth. Similar to another Ben I like...Benjamin Franklin. But I'm in no way trying to make an equal comparison.

Truthfully there's only one Benjamin Franklin in my book and quite honestly there's only one Ben Mack and he's Mack-a-licious.

You've got to "Think TWO SHOT's Ahead" if you want to be a master at pool. Ask the old late great Minniesota Fats. Likewise if you want to be a master at marketing you can't be narrow minded, closed focus and short sighted. Furthermore you have to be careful about Short Term Decisions. Being a Long Term Decision maker here is so much better

I.E., you've got to be THINKING "down the board". That's putting it in Benjamin Franklin's terminology for you Chess or checker players. And in the hood everybody want's to be a player.

Ben Mack's a player too. He's a real cool brother that's got the game figured out. And while I can't exegite his entire 1st chapter because it's only 4 short pages long I can tell you the insight is worth the price of admission into Pool Hall Wisdom if you'd like to get in FREE tonight. I hope to see you there where you belong at the top. Will you join me?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

Have you purchased the book yet? If you have you can join me right here at Deremiah Book Club. Thanks.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

WARNING: The Most Amazing Ideas are coming out of "Think 2 Products Ahead"

The following review is strictly my opinion of what I believe is one of the greatest books written on Branding in the last five years. My review covers everything from the book cover design/layout to the concepts presented in the book. So please be patient as I share with you the value I believe you should be gaining from every page whenever you decide to buy what I believe is one of the greatest books written on Branding. And you might ask what qualifies me to do this and I could easily show you my library with nearly $10,000 worth of books or refer you to some of the greatest authors of our times who endorse my words because it is my calling to speak greatness into your life. Well here is what I have to say and thanks for listening.

What Ben Mack has created here is not only to be read but to be re-read at least several times. At the end of every chapter is a workspace review section for you to work out the concepts discussed in the chapter. By designing the book like this Ben Mack reveals to us how passionate he is about his Customers learning what he knows. One things for sure most authors don't do this. But Ben Mack wants to be sure you get wisdom and not just knowledge from what he writes. He is not just interested in writing a well written manual with a wonderful title in an effort to make a whole lot of money from selling a book. Because from the very beginning of the book you can sense that Ben Mack is totally and sincerely interested in winning friends & influencing people by giving them sound advice. He is completely interested in investing in you and in causing you to establish yourself as a successful Branding machine in your own circles of business. And by doing this he is ultimately setting you up to invest in his future books by making you a Branding Champion who is aware of the principles of successful Branding. And I believe you deserve to be well educated by the best and after reading his book I've concluded that Ben Mack is one of the BEST.

I must admit with all of the books I've been reading as of late this one just so happened to catch my attention. The title is very thought provoking but so are the outer book colors. The colors remind you of the old school bus that use to come and pick you up and take you to school in the morning. You remember the cheesy colored yellow bus with the brown fake leather covered seats. The one that had the plainly dressed bus driver who said hello when you got on the bus, that bounced up and down as you traveled across town to get to school. For some reason this book reminds us of that bus, the one that pulls up on nearly every other corner across America. The bus with the black writing on the sides. This book cover wakes up those memories deeply hidden and tucked away from times passed. So before we even open the book it communicates something to us about the time when we were getting our foundational principles in education.

This book cover screams out Caution as it makes you reflect on the title words "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead". This is not a request it's a command or an order. And what's even more thought provoking is...WHY...should we Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead (with
caution)? Is it because we are living in unpredictable times where businesses wish they had greater control over where they are going. It was so much easier when some one else was driving the bus. In this book Ben Mack helps us to learn how to take control of the wheel of our businesses.

As an infoprenuer I can assure you that things are moving so fast and out of control that most major corporations and small business people are not really thinking two products ahead. When do you have time to Think? I mean really relax and Think about what you're doing. For one thing most people don't have time to Think and it's not because you don't have time. Your time is just eaten away by all of the other commitments you have made. And then there are others who are still trying to figure out why their last idea didn't work.

Among the baby boomers not many can afford to take out time to think now a days. To think for most is a luxury...but the embedded words on the bottom half of the book cover make you Think and THINK again. Because they're powerful words written on white pieces of shredded paper. Probably paper shredded in the shredders of the Big Advertising agencies by staff members who don't won't you to see what's been written. And if you're not reading much I guess they truly don't have much to worry about anyway. So open your eyes up and read the things Ben Mack is saying so that you can at least began to see what is available to you and at least then you'll have some peace of mind about where you're going.

Ben Mack the author and creator for the ideas in this book is no amateur at Branding, Brand Strategies, Idea Creation (brain storming) and most interestingly magic. So why is this important to you? Because if you want to be explosive in your sales or your marketing and Branding you've got to have a balanced approach...You must become part analytical and part creative in your Branding concepts.

And Ben Mack knows the information he's sharing with you is classified information that ONLY the real champions of advertising get to see and that was one of the reasons I liked reading the book "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead". If you want to be ahead of everybody else then you've got to do what everybody else is not doing. Most of your friends, business associates and your competitors are not thinking two products ahead so why don't you do that? And put yourself out in front of everyone else.

And please don't read this book because of what I'm saying because neither Ben Mack or the publishers John Wiley are giving me any commission on the book at all. But I believe Ben Mack really does know what he's talking about. Well if he doesn't know what he's talking about why did Cingular hire him to help them with their business or better yet how did he manage to take Yomega Yo Yos from $8,000,000 a year to over $110,000,000?

It's because he understands something quite substantial about the world of branding and advertising. He knows what motivates customers to buy. In "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead" he'll show you how you can attract more customers with the things he's learned while working on the inside of some of the most successful ad agencies in the world. The concepts he shares in this book are normally kept secret, prohibited from disclosure in most companies.

Now let me tell you about the book. It's filled to the brim with page after endless page full of illustrations, graphs, images from his power point demonstrations, venn diaghrams and more ideas than his e-book contained which he sold online for $197.00. He can prove the book earned him over $43,000 dollars which is why I believe the publishers at John Wiley saw real potential value in putting the book out on the market again for people like you and me to buy it for less than 8% of what his online customers paid for it. Now that's taking candy from a baby. As a matter of fact that's the good news! You or I don't have to pay $197.00, to get what everybody else did. But I guess that's the cost of being an early adopter. And here's what else you'll get:

A great forward by Mark Joyner, who's a very well known author and marketer in his own right. In this book Ben Mack debunks the normal thinking about how Branding is seen. He refutes concepts that most Brand Managers get caught up in. Like putting too much monetary value on the hue or color of your logo.

Ben Mack thinks that your Brand Essence and getting to the core of what your Brand Essence is all about is way more important, way more valuable and heck of a lot more beneficial to you from an investment stand point than pouring your money wastefully into some of the accessories of branding.

His communication style is clear and easy to follow from the beginning right down to the very ending of the book. With examples on how to create legendary branding. The Thinking Two Products Ahead helps you to consider where you're going versus just moving. A lot of business people and companies are moving and doing with out considering whether the other products are going to tie into the product, media and advertising campaign.

Ben Mack gives you instructions on how to get there, how to uncover your brand essence, how to see if your marketing tools are all working together for you. Midway through the book Ben Mack talks to you about the Five Basic Positions you need to master in order to project your company, your products and your services into the future. He lays it out for you on a spreadsheet and helps you penetrate your market far deeper, more better and at a level that's way more passionate and fulfilling than anything you've ever created for your client. You'll develop the less is more paradigm and your customers will love you more for it. In a nutshell I really enjoyed the book.

Finally Ben Mack offers us some structured creativity and great tools on how to frame your concepts. Again most of this information is the kind of information you would only get if you went into a top advertising agency undercover. It is my hopes to interview Ben Mack personally and I'll be going into the book with a more complete chapter by chapter profile on the blog "Deep Thoughts by A *Customer Passion Evangelist" beginning March 19th. I'll see you later.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

I must also say that there is one part of the book that does warn you before it begans to expose you to some ideas and language that is more for mature audiences. Because Ben Mack does prompt us on it I must say he is a lot more considerate than other authors I have read who drop ideas without concern for their reading audience. Thanks for prompting us Ben.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Watched Ben Mack teach me one of the most Amazing Branding Tricks ever!

That's right I saw Ben Mack teach me one of the most Amazing Branding Tricks ever and that's just the beginning. Ben flew in right from at a cost so affordable that you'd be crazy not to take him up on it.

That's right Ben came straight into my house, didn't pass go, didn't collect $200 and flopped his big ole butt right up on my Great Room table. Then he began to teach me some of the most heavily guarded secrets ever...straight from the advertising industry.

And as ---Douglass Rushkoff, Author of Coercion and Media Virus said about Ben's last book "As a result of this book, Ben will never work in advertising again"

Well for under $14.99 plus free shipping from I've been able to read Ben Mack's new book. It's really customer focused. As a matter of fact I've become infected by the Legend virus. A concept that is a part of every great marketing agenda.

Right now for a limited time only you can be personally trained by the guy who created the yo yo craze of 1998. Have you ever heard of it? It's where Yomega Yo Yos went from $8,000,000 a year to well over $110,000,000 a year. A couple of weeks ago he taught me how to Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead and I'm not done yet.

Before I received Ben Mack's book from AMAZON I didn't know him from a can of paint. And I really didn't know what to expect from a guy that does magic tricks and writes marketing books. But what can I say when I create paintings & drawings and write marketing articles. Since I purchased the book we've become great friends. I just talked to Ben the other day about how I could gain more relationships and develop enough contacts to reach my $100,000,000 goal for children. And you know what? Ben's just as good over the phone as he is in his new book by publishers John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Ben showed tenderness and concern. He listened attentively when I shared with him what I do. He thought my concept was solid. And that the goal of teaching corporations how to reach their target markets through powerful community mission based ventures was smart. I share my dream with corporate executives. Showing them how to do what made me successful when I was voted one of the top 10 employees out of 7,000 when I was with an SBC/AMERITECH company. Ben also thought making connections with businesses like the one my idea conceptualizes was bold and noble. He thinks that company's who can keep their income circulating with in the communites they work out of helps them build tremendous leverage.

Now this is what helped me to understand that Ben Mack is really a Customer Passion Evangelist in disguise...his evangelistic talents became more pronounced when he asked me "what can I do to help you Deremiah?". But that's what Customer Passion Evangelist in day out like clock work.

Case in point, Ben told me that I should share with everyone I meet the success of one of my primary organizations I'm raising funds for. What if I told you we take struggling kids from single family homes and make them college ready? We've got a kid right now whose being looked at by IIT.

I'm proud to say one graduate of Glenwood School is now running the entire office of DCFS in the state of Illinios. I have friends of mine who are sending me letters right now at 41W400 Silverglen Rd., St. charles, Il 60175, with Checks made out to Glenwood School, all because our children's lives are almost instantly turned around. I can't recall one child that has not showed that giving money to At-Risk children isn't worth it. Furthermore I donate my own hard earned money and volunteer my time to seeing that Glenwood School will be around. Now if you think At-Risk Children are worth it act now.

Warning: All Brand Strategist are not equal.

If you think they are you're in for a rude awakening. Please don't take my word for it when you can listen to Ben Mack today just by reading his latest Brand Strategies in his new book "Think Two Products Ahead". Thanks for listening I look forward to serving you. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

look for a future write up about more in depth concepts from Ben's book and maybe even an interview with the one and only Ben Mack!

Monday, January 22, 2007

What Went Wrong on the Porcelain Throne...tells from the Dark Side.

On the Church of the Customer Blog I shared my comments about Scotts tissue with Jackie & Ben of the Customer Evangelist organization. My comment has to do with an add campaign that appears to lack a lot of appreciation from the customer. Please read that comment below. Thanks.

Hi there Jackie,

Hope things are going great for you and Ben. Read your post and here's my 50 cent.
Scott's is making a big mistake. Not describing to your customer why you want to extract any kind of personal information from them is always a bad strategic plan.
Approaching it without explaination kills the win-win opportunity you're trying to create for your customers every time. In the world of your customer sensitivity to personal challenges must always be done in a way that reflects fore thought.

Requesting personal negative experiences from your customer without an offering that reflects concern or an exchange for information that does not give something of equal value creates instability in the customer relationship.
Customers eventually walk away from a situation like this feeling empty wondering where's the *WIIFM...What's In It For Me.
With Scott's there's no WIIFM only *NIIFM...Nothing In It For Me.
Now repeat the the title
"Scott's Clog Clinic"

5 times and tell me what it sounds like? Sure enough...a tongue twister. hey that's an idea. Maybe a tongue twister campaign for their customers would have been more relevant.
At least this would offer your clients an opportunity to challenge themselves and at the same time compete for a prize that would gaurantee something of value at the end of the offer. Like we'll give you a nice prize for offering your tongue twister and an additional item of benefit for telling your story about your clogged up moments on the porcelain throne. Thanks1
Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

Friday, January 19, 2007

One Key to Creating Happy Customers or Customer Happiness as told by a former Accountant.

On Wednesday, August 17th 2005 you got 6 keys. That's right I gave you six real simple keys to "Creating Happy Customers". If you didn't try one of these on your customer you missed a great opportunity to test the validity of waiting. Or if you failed to use any of these in any combination you're probably still kicking yourself but you can stop.

Because today I'm going to re-examine, I'm going to explore to the very core just one of these keys. Now if a former Accountant can lead the charge on this thing surely you can put it all together if you just remember the first key which was...


It's like building a skyscrapper you've got to "build it" from the bottom-up if you want it to come out right.

Everyday I meet business men, CEO's, Presidents and Speakers who want to "Knock their Customers SOCKS right off. They ask me how can we do that on a day to day basis? How can we get our sales reps, our secretaries, our managers to all buy into "Creating Happy Customers". Because isn't that what every business wants? "Happy Customers"! A customer you can impress before they digress will always confess you're the best.

Now customers lose interest real quick. Especially those you don't Evangelize.

You say you don't evangelize them? Then how do you keep them Happy at the altar of your business?

And what's your motivation for having an inspiring business, or for having "Happy Customers"?

You've got to evangelize your customer if you want to keep them. And you've got to evangelize them with ***PASSION*** if you want to make your most important customer happy...female customers are probably your largest category of customers. Women are the leading revenue spenders and one of the most important customers of this age.

So do you want to keep your customer? Now if you don't want to keep them ----STOP---- leading them on in this relationship where you're playing the field. Customers like geniune down to earth business reps that are into focusing on their needs. Customers really like to be made happy.

So most businessess have got the right attitude but the wrong interlude.

You can't come on to a customer without the ---right approach. Just like you wouldn't try to make a customer who loves C & W...*Country & Western listen to Polka, you cant' make customers like your business without turning them on to happy experiences.

Companies mess up when they put the trans-action before the satisfaction.

Real customer success grows out of your desire to see "Customers Happy". Again looking for the trans-action before the heartfelt service is really a way of delivering very immature service.

Every month right here on "Deep Thoughts of A *Customer Passion Evangelist" you're gaining the wisdom you need to make your "Customers Happy".

Remember most people fail miserably at this. They don't build their business from the bottom up. They just try to build from the top down. The reason most businesses fail is that they don't sell enough. It's goods and Services that are the key to growing business. But you can't sell goods and no one wants your services until you "Create Happy Customers". Shoot me an email and let me know what happened. Thanks!

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Join the Procrastinators or Learn Customer Service from Tele-Evangelist TD JAKES

You want to expand your customer base? How about increase your ability to have the greatest amount of control over the Customer, client relationship? Well if that's what you want to do with your customers it's really quite simple to be successful. As a matter of fact you can begin right now.

You could go searchin' on the web and hope to stumble across the right Customer Service answers or you could take the easy way out. Let me do all your work for you. That's right! I can save you a whole ship load of time trying to find the key attributes, principles and hidden secrets about customer service or you could choose to do what a whole bunch of people are doing these days.


But remember that procrastinators don't win, they lose. Why waste your time when I'm available right now if you've got a few moments. You got a second?

That's right you can let me bring you some of the most interesting Customer Relationship concepts that work on your customers.

TD JAKES a well known Tele-Evangelist shares a lot of positive concepts through his message. (What's a tele-evangelist? That's a different kind of Evangelist than me) but in his case he still shares relevant solutions to the old Customer issues everyone is dealing with. And here's what JAKES shared that caught my attention today.

TD JAKES said "that consistent effort brings rewards".

Well let's transfer this highly spiritual theological churchy kind of a concept to Customer Relationships. You think you might be losing a truck load of customers because you're not consistent enough in your efforts to pursue them in an intelligent manner? Well if you don't think so I do. As a matter of fact I'd be willing to go as far as saying I'm positive you've lost a few dozen or more customers because of this.

Most people fail this one very easy practical aspect of taking care of the customer. Not because they really want to lose hundreds or thousands of customers but because they're not applying the rules correctly and more importantly consistently.

Are you looking for rewards?
Trying to succeed with your clientele on a part time temporary basis just won't bring forth the kind of rewards you're looking to gain.

If you won't to make major impact focus on your customer plan everyday. Not every once and a while. And why you're focusing I'm not afraid to tell you Go beyond that. It's time to began to practice consistency.

In the world of Great Customer Relationships and marvelous success with your customers consistent performance is at the very foundation of making that happen.

I think Jakes has imparted some great advice here without realizing that Customer Passion Evangelist like myself would be picking a grand harvest from the concepts he's planting. Thanks for doing something about your customer problem. And you'll pat yourself on the back soon thanking yourself for being consistent. Is there anything else I can do for you? Sure it is! Just tell me.

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE
*CPE---Consistent Performance Expands

Monday, January 01, 2007

I know it's your Video, I know you're the leading actress or actor but this year "Make your Boss your #1 Customer"

Happy New Year to you too!

I was meditating this morning. Trying to figure what would be the most valuable idea to kick this New Year off with my customers. It seems everyone is reflecting on the previous year during this time. But the years gone and it's time to take action.

Skip the New Year's Resolutions it's time to change habits. It's time to stop the talking and let's get right down to doing the great things our customers love. Yeah you got to know how to please your customers.

If you're still with me shift your gears and think about it.

Last year you were the leading STAR in your video. You took the Oscar and your boss probably won the best supporting Star alongside you. Now that's not too bad but I'm gonna show you how to get more mileage out of that Yugo. You go and do something to make it different. You go and make your customer really, really happy.

Well in the words of the infamous James Brown why don't you "Give it up and TURN it a loose". That's right let your boss win the Oscar this year. You still with me. I mean this...Make your boss your #1 Customer. And then don't forget the customers King. Make your boss feel like royalty.

Don't talk about going the extra mile...this time "Do It".

Stop the video, fast forward.

That's right! Fast forward!... instead of looking back at the previous year let's FAST foward so we can use Stephen Covey's beginning with the end in mind. You there? Great! Let's imagine. What do you think that big brain in your head is for? That's right we're going to imagine. You and me are going to use our IMAGINATIONS.

So Imagine today is December 31, 2007 and the calendar's about to roll over into 2008. What did you do to make it an Oscar winning year for your boss?

Now with that in mind I won't you to take a piece of paper and begin to right down what you did to make your boss win the Oscar for this year. I know it hasn't happened yet, I know you'd rather not be doing this today but let's just get it out of the way. Remember lifes a self fulfilling prophecy. It becomes what ever you imagine it to be. Okay that's your assignment. Make your boss your #1 Customer. Are you gonna do that? I know you're much too smart to be doing anything less than that.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE