Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mack-A-Licious: Think Two Products Ahead...Danger Chapter 1

Hi you,

here's the rant you need concerning Ben Mack's latest book "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead". And let me be quite clear you only have to be warned of the apparent danger if you failed to heed the directive. Are you thinking two products ahead?

I'd be willing to tell you most of my clients are not. Actually most of my clients aren't even reading to advance their current knowledge. I hope you are. It's the only way to develop a beautiful mind.

Well here we go...Chapter 1.

Title: Pool Hall Wisdom

Watch out as Ben Mack gives a great bit of insight where he compares Marketing to a game of pool. If you miss this analogy you lose the game, the name and the fame.

His technique smooth. Similar to another Ben I like...Benjamin Franklin. But I'm in no way trying to make an equal comparison.

Truthfully there's only one Benjamin Franklin in my book and quite honestly there's only one Ben Mack and he's Mack-a-licious.

You've got to "Think TWO SHOT's Ahead" if you want to be a master at pool. Ask the old late great Minniesota Fats. Likewise if you want to be a master at marketing you can't be narrow minded, closed focus and short sighted. Furthermore you have to be careful about Short Term Decisions. Being a Long Term Decision maker here is so much better

I.E., you've got to be THINKING "down the board". That's putting it in Benjamin Franklin's terminology for you Chess or checker players. And in the hood everybody want's to be a player.

Ben Mack's a player too. He's a real cool brother that's got the game figured out. And while I can't exegite his entire 1st chapter because it's only 4 short pages long I can tell you the insight is worth the price of admission into Pool Hall Wisdom if you'd like to get in FREE tonight. I hope to see you there where you belong at the top. Will you join me?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

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