Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ben Mack-A-Licious: Think AGAIN...THINK DEEPER...Chapter 1

Hi you,

it's me again...but this time we're going to go deeper.

Yeah I thought we'd move on to Chapter 2 today but something's bothering me about "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead" by Ben Mack. One things for sure after today's rant you'll be thinking a whole lot differently. Do you wanna think differently? Do you really want to go deeper? And if you do are you ready for this?

Well I hope you got the book by now. If you haven't you'll just have to take my word for it. Personally I'd rather read it for myself. There's something intimate about reading that you can't get any other way. Eyes glued to the page, minds completely focused and your cerebral working at maximum capacity. Visual mental images taking on their own organic structures. Do you feel me? It's very uplifting. It's the only way to develop a beautiful mind.

Well here we go...Chapter 1 (a little deeper)

Title: Pool Hall Wisdom

In chapter one Ben Mack makes sure to note "I assume you're able to attract a customer and get a sale". This is a very simple but powerful comment. Don't you dare under estimate where it can take you. Why? Because if you can't attract a customer or get a sale DON'T even try to Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead. If you do you're wasting your time.

This is a pretty interesting bit of Pool Hall Wisdom here. And you might think that I'm over doing it but here's the truth. Have you ever played pool? If you have, you know it's about knocking balls into the pocket. And if you can't get balls in the pocket, there's no sense in contemplating two shots ahead.

I make a motion that Ben's next book should be "Make One Shot Right Now! What to do before You Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead".

Life, branding, marketing and pool all require that you learn how to make the first shot.

In other words the Mack-A-Licious, Ben is just trying to let us know that all the THINKING without selling equals "ZERO" on the bottom line. And zero to the bottom line is just down right unproductive.

BEWARE of advertising agencies that are more concerned with creating a powerful award-winning ad campaign for you then they are making you money. When it's all said and done you've got to be prepared to open the doors to the shop tomorrow.

Impressive logo's, letterheads, envelopes, shirts, TV advertisements and print campaigns are all great. But the goal is take care of your customers and clients. And if you do they'll buy what you're selling if what you sell matters.

Here's the Go Deeper PRINCIPLE

Chapter 1 principle #1:

Master the art of Thinking TWO PRODUCTS Ahead and don't forget to knock some balls in the pocket and make some sells.

Well I've got to go now but I hope to see you there where you belong at the Top! Will you join me?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE