Monday, January 22, 2007

What Went Wrong on the Porcelain Throne...tells from the Dark Side.

On the Church of the Customer Blog I shared my comments about Scotts tissue with Jackie & Ben of the Customer Evangelist organization. My comment has to do with an add campaign that appears to lack a lot of appreciation from the customer. Please read that comment below. Thanks.

Hi there Jackie,

Hope things are going great for you and Ben. Read your post and here's my 50 cent.
Scott's is making a big mistake. Not describing to your customer why you want to extract any kind of personal information from them is always a bad strategic plan.
Approaching it without explaination kills the win-win opportunity you're trying to create for your customers every time. In the world of your customer sensitivity to personal challenges must always be done in a way that reflects fore thought.

Requesting personal negative experiences from your customer without an offering that reflects concern or an exchange for information that does not give something of equal value creates instability in the customer relationship.
Customers eventually walk away from a situation like this feeling empty wondering where's the *WIIFM...What's In It For Me.
With Scott's there's no WIIFM only *NIIFM...Nothing In It For Me.
Now repeat the the title
"Scott's Clog Clinic"

5 times and tell me what it sounds like? Sure enough...a tongue twister. hey that's an idea. Maybe a tongue twister campaign for their customers would have been more relevant.
At least this would offer your clients an opportunity to challenge themselves and at the same time compete for a prize that would gaurantee something of value at the end of the offer. Like we'll give you a nice prize for offering your tongue twister and an additional item of benefit for telling your story about your clogged up moments on the porcelain throne. Thanks1
Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE

Friday, January 19, 2007

One Key to Creating Happy Customers or Customer Happiness as told by a former Accountant.

On Wednesday, August 17th 2005 you got 6 keys. That's right I gave you six real simple keys to "Creating Happy Customers". If you didn't try one of these on your customer you missed a great opportunity to test the validity of waiting. Or if you failed to use any of these in any combination you're probably still kicking yourself but you can stop.

Because today I'm going to re-examine, I'm going to explore to the very core just one of these keys. Now if a former Accountant can lead the charge on this thing surely you can put it all together if you just remember the first key which was...


It's like building a skyscrapper you've got to "build it" from the bottom-up if you want it to come out right.

Everyday I meet business men, CEO's, Presidents and Speakers who want to "Knock their Customers SOCKS right off. They ask me how can we do that on a day to day basis? How can we get our sales reps, our secretaries, our managers to all buy into "Creating Happy Customers". Because isn't that what every business wants? "Happy Customers"! A customer you can impress before they digress will always confess you're the best.

Now customers lose interest real quick. Especially those you don't Evangelize.

You say you don't evangelize them? Then how do you keep them Happy at the altar of your business?

And what's your motivation for having an inspiring business, or for having "Happy Customers"?

You've got to evangelize your customer if you want to keep them. And you've got to evangelize them with ***PASSION*** if you want to make your most important customer happy...female customers are probably your largest category of customers. Women are the leading revenue spenders and one of the most important customers of this age.

So do you want to keep your customer? Now if you don't want to keep them ----STOP---- leading them on in this relationship where you're playing the field. Customers like geniune down to earth business reps that are into focusing on their needs. Customers really like to be made happy.

So most businessess have got the right attitude but the wrong interlude.

You can't come on to a customer without the ---right approach. Just like you wouldn't try to make a customer who loves C & W...*Country & Western listen to Polka, you cant' make customers like your business without turning them on to happy experiences.

Companies mess up when they put the trans-action before the satisfaction.

Real customer success grows out of your desire to see "Customers Happy". Again looking for the trans-action before the heartfelt service is really a way of delivering very immature service.

Every month right here on "Deep Thoughts of A *Customer Passion Evangelist" you're gaining the wisdom you need to make your "Customers Happy".

Remember most people fail miserably at this. They don't build their business from the bottom up. They just try to build from the top down. The reason most businesses fail is that they don't sell enough. It's goods and Services that are the key to growing business. But you can't sell goods and no one wants your services until you "Create Happy Customers". Shoot me an email and let me know what happened. Thanks!

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Join the Procrastinators or Learn Customer Service from Tele-Evangelist TD JAKES

You want to expand your customer base? How about increase your ability to have the greatest amount of control over the Customer, client relationship? Well if that's what you want to do with your customers it's really quite simple to be successful. As a matter of fact you can begin right now.

You could go searchin' on the web and hope to stumble across the right Customer Service answers or you could take the easy way out. Let me do all your work for you. That's right! I can save you a whole ship load of time trying to find the key attributes, principles and hidden secrets about customer service or you could choose to do what a whole bunch of people are doing these days.


But remember that procrastinators don't win, they lose. Why waste your time when I'm available right now if you've got a few moments. You got a second?

That's right you can let me bring you some of the most interesting Customer Relationship concepts that work on your customers.

TD JAKES a well known Tele-Evangelist shares a lot of positive concepts through his message. (What's a tele-evangelist? That's a different kind of Evangelist than me) but in his case he still shares relevant solutions to the old Customer issues everyone is dealing with. And here's what JAKES shared that caught my attention today.

TD JAKES said "that consistent effort brings rewards".

Well let's transfer this highly spiritual theological churchy kind of a concept to Customer Relationships. You think you might be losing a truck load of customers because you're not consistent enough in your efforts to pursue them in an intelligent manner? Well if you don't think so I do. As a matter of fact I'd be willing to go as far as saying I'm positive you've lost a few dozen or more customers because of this.

Most people fail this one very easy practical aspect of taking care of the customer. Not because they really want to lose hundreds or thousands of customers but because they're not applying the rules correctly and more importantly consistently.

Are you looking for rewards?
Trying to succeed with your clientele on a part time temporary basis just won't bring forth the kind of rewards you're looking to gain.

If you won't to make major impact focus on your customer plan everyday. Not every once and a while. And why you're focusing I'm not afraid to tell you Go beyond that. It's time to began to practice consistency.

In the world of Great Customer Relationships and marvelous success with your customers consistent performance is at the very foundation of making that happen.

I think Jakes has imparted some great advice here without realizing that Customer Passion Evangelist like myself would be picking a grand harvest from the concepts he's planting. Thanks for doing something about your customer problem. And you'll pat yourself on the back soon thanking yourself for being consistent. Is there anything else I can do for you? Sure it is! Just tell me.

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE
*CPE---Consistent Performance Expands

Monday, January 01, 2007

I know it's your Video, I know you're the leading actress or actor but this year "Make your Boss your #1 Customer"

Happy New Year to you too!

I was meditating this morning. Trying to figure what would be the most valuable idea to kick this New Year off with my customers. It seems everyone is reflecting on the previous year during this time. But the years gone and it's time to take action.

Skip the New Year's Resolutions it's time to change habits. It's time to stop the talking and let's get right down to doing the great things our customers love. Yeah you got to know how to please your customers.

If you're still with me shift your gears and think about it.

Last year you were the leading STAR in your video. You took the Oscar and your boss probably won the best supporting Star alongside you. Now that's not too bad but I'm gonna show you how to get more mileage out of that Yugo. You go and do something to make it different. You go and make your customer really, really happy.

Well in the words of the infamous James Brown why don't you "Give it up and TURN it a loose". That's right let your boss win the Oscar this year. You still with me. I mean this...Make your boss your #1 Customer. And then don't forget the customers King. Make your boss feel like royalty.

Don't talk about going the extra mile...this time "Do It".

Stop the video, fast forward.

That's right! Fast forward!... instead of looking back at the previous year let's FAST foward so we can use Stephen Covey's beginning with the end in mind. You there? Great! Let's imagine. What do you think that big brain in your head is for? That's right we're going to imagine. You and me are going to use our IMAGINATIONS.

So Imagine today is December 31, 2007 and the calendar's about to roll over into 2008. What did you do to make it an Oscar winning year for your boss?

Now with that in mind I won't you to take a piece of paper and begin to right down what you did to make your boss win the Oscar for this year. I know it hasn't happened yet, I know you'd rather not be doing this today but let's just get it out of the way. Remember lifes a self fulfilling prophecy. It becomes what ever you imagine it to be. Okay that's your assignment. Make your boss your #1 Customer. Are you gonna do that? I know you're much too smart to be doing anything less than that.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE