Friday, December 30, 2005


No not MY customers... yeah your customers!

They got their can of "Get it FREE propellent" yesterday.

When was the last time someone gave you someting for nothing. Oh hold on I just got this email for 117 Christmas internet gifts for FREE...(well they did get my email address) You're Guilty!

More times than not at restaurants, hotels, local banks, schools, grocery stores and no matter what business you run you're vulnerable to customers who want something for nothing. Some customers have a "If I can get it for Free It's got to be for me" attitude. Internet marketing reaks with the "Get it Free propellent" they feed to customers. Just spray here and "Get it free". Oh you still haven't got your can.

Well in Brian Tracy (a great customer) has written a new book that might give you more insight than you can imagine on what motivates your customers. And you won't find his book under the Self help for customers section either. But you can purchase it and NO it's not for FREE... Go check it out at and read my review too.

Although it's not for Free ( yeah I got mine for free but I didn't ask Brian to send it to me for free. He's just a great Godfather...what can I sa-a--ay ) Anyway you will find some valuable insight on what motivatates all people regardless of culture, race, religion or political party (lol). All ideas in something for nothing are not focused on the negative although it is geared to observing the neutral characteristics that we each employe to work for us or against us. This is where this information is invaluable to your understanding as you dig deeper into looking at life from the customers perspective. Oh you don't do just try to sell your stuff. I hope not.

Hope you enjoy it!

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)