Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brendon Burchard, The way we market our message has forever changed...

I'm fortunate to be sitting front stage at the Expert's Academy with my good friend Brendon Burchard who has been presenting valuable content. We are in the same room where Apple, Yahoo and other major creative firms present to their employees right here in Silicon Valley at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara. Brendon has just learned that he has hit the New York Times BestSellers list in a way no one has ever done before.

In 72 days from project creation to book launch he has written and sold enough copies of a book called "The Millionaire Messenger" to earn him a #1 spot on the New York Times BestSellers list. That is an amazing feat.

But when you hear how he did it without using internet affiliates, without any press releases, without radio shows or interviews. This is historical stuff. In other words with purely word of mouth he has captured something in previous years that would have taken a huge PR budget, touring on Radio & Book stores to achieve. Brendon has proved that the Game has changed. Hopefully you're ready to level up!

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE