Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deremiah *CPE & LeAnn Hilgers Speak on...You DeSERVE To WIN!,


Tues. March. 23, 2010 9 AM PST/ 11 AM Central Time /Noon EST on 7th Wave Network
The Dream Big Revolution!


Often people don't feel they are worthy to WIN...So many feel that they don't DeSERVE to WIN but You DeSERVE To WIN!. The
truth is that no one is holding you back from winning. So why are you?

Sooo why do people continue to persist everyday under estimating their full potential?

Are you doing as Earl Nightingale once suggested most people are doing? Are you following the guy
in front of you with out considering that he might not know where he is going? I.E. have you entered
into a mediocre conformist kind of DAZE??? Are you concluding that you being you isn't good enough?

Well these are the kind of people LeAnn and I are rescuing from the hands of fate because "You DeSERVE To WIN!!!!

Join LeAnn and Deremiah *CPE on the Dream Big Revolution™ and find out why you You DeSERVE To WIN!!

Tues. March. 23 at 9am PST/Noon EST
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