Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deremiah *CPE Inspirational Speaking Star talks about the BABUSHKA


Deremiah *CPE: Be BABUSHKA HAPPY is one of the Highest forms of HAPPINESS I believe we can attain. So I created a TOUCHPOINT for it in the form of a "HAPPY THINKING CAP". The purpose is to Ignite the FIRE of YOUR HAPPINESS by creating a physical touchpoint at the highest form of your anatomy...your head.

That Beautiful Blue Cap you see me in on my Facebook Fan page can be picked up here:

People across the world who wear the BABUSHKA call it the "HAPPY THINKING CAP!!! It is one of a kind because there is no effort to place any focus on any magic in it...LOL...ONLY in YOU so that when you receive it you realize one of your true purposes is "To BE" ***A HAPPY THINKER***. It is a very playful sort of thing that appears to AWAKEN the channels of our tremendous playful childhood years---if we had any because I recognize some Adults missed the FUN of being Children. I am an Inspirational Speaker that helps people to truly connect with this very powerful idea long since buried in our hearts. For some reason most people feel that they left their HAPPY CHILDHOOD years in an old long since forgotten place way back yester-year some where in the far too distant past. My GOAL is to give you a TOUCH POINT to Re-IGNITE the flame of your HAPPINESS and of who YOU are and of who you were always mean't to be before you lost sight of ---The BIG CHILD---in you...LOL! Most BIG CHILD Adults have lost the The FLAME of AMBITION, The FLAME of HOPE, The FLAME of DREAMING, The FLAME of LAUGHTER, The FLAME of EXCITEMENT, The FLAME of WONDER, and The FLAME of EXPLORATION. If you've lost any of these in your transition from Childhood to Adulthood then this is one of the real reasons you have met me...I have arrived to MOVE YOU FORWARD through the PAST or to TAKE YOU BACK through the FUTURE to the time when life was about BEING HAPPY and not about all of these things which have mostly been created by our Greed to have more Toys and Less JOYS! Thank YOU for the BEAUTIFUL person YOU ARE and YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN! I love you and I tell you that because their needs to be a movement deeper into the LOVE of who we are and we're Created from and more importantly were always mean't to be. If you want to begin the journey with me anew in this quest for what we left somewhere in our childhoods... please get in contact with me...or take the adventure of connecting with me by getting you a Touchpoint...a BABUSHKA HAPPY THINKING CAP...and BE BABUSHKA HAPPY!!!

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

a percentage of every cap goes
toward helping the Children I mentor
because I believe in them