Saturday, March 03, 2012

#1 Money Making KEY to IMPLEMENT during a Recession that will make you More Money...KEY #1 FOCUS!

Money Making Key #1 "Focus On Serving"


I'll repeat...Every Great Business is Built ONE Transaction at a time but it's not because you're FOCUSING on the TRANSACTION. The TRANSACTION is a by-product of another by-Product we call SERVICE and that SERVICE comes from a GREAT SERVANT!  GREAT SERVANT's FOCUS on the CUSTOMER not on the transaction.  In other  words they DON'T FOCUS on the MONEY!!!

The KEY to SUCCESS in your small business is to FOCUS on the CUSTOMERS NEEDS.

Their needs are their Likes and natural inclinations to APPRECIATE great service which comes from an Intentional Customer Servant like you, who is in harmony with seeing the interest and needs of your customer. 

That's right! FOCUS on your CUSTOMER. 

In a tough ECONOMY where most people are whining and complaining about how tough the economy is you're doing the're not FOCUSED on the ECONOMY...YOU'RE FOCUSED on the CUSTOMER!!

Too many people are FOCUSING on the ECONOMY but not YOU...You're FOCUSING on the CUSTOMER.  You're THINKING about the following 3 things: 

What does my Customer NEED?

How can I Continue to Pamper my Customer?

What else would make my Customer HAPPIER?

Now if you have one customer you truly can build a GREAT Business even during a recession.  Because if you have at least one customer you're taking care of, you're Focusing on and you're asking the three questions above everyday...She will be letting her friends know how WONDERFUL it is to work with you when most people she meets are somber, moody and unhappy.  She'll be telling her friends how much of a pleasure it is to work with you. 

Now if for some strange reason your customers are not HAPPY you should be asking yourself "why aren't my customers HAPPY? and what can I do to ensure they become HAPPY while I'm working with them.

Remember:  People buy emotionally and then logically talk themselves into why the transaction makes sense. If you SERVE to their NEEDS you'll be feeding their EMOTIONS with Far HAPPIER EXPERIENCES than they'll be getting anywhere else and I bet you they'll never forget that. KEEP SMILING...I love you.

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

Stay tuned for your next Key that will make it a GREAT ECONOMY for you!

Deremiah *CPE, Author of 52 GREAT WEEKS, has created a simple yet novel way for small business owners to expand the footprint of their business by implementing the Servant's Mentality paradigm.