Friday, May 25, 2012

#3 Are Your Customers Dead? Then Move them by doing something EXCITING or have a funeral!

Money Making Key #3 "Your customers aren't Dead...they're just waiting for you to do something EXCITING". You can have a funeral or You can finally Get-Up and Reconnect with your Customers by throwing a Party!

EVERY GREAT BUSINESS IS BUILT ONE CUSTOMER at a time but if your Customers are Dead you need to Move them to Excitement! 

There's no way in the world you're gonna change your bottomline if your customers aren't buying. So Why aren't they buying your products or services any longer?  It's because your stuff or your service isn't moving them anymore, which only means your customers are dead and now you've got to bring them back to life. That's right BRING THEM BACK TO LIFE!!!

There's nothing worse than a dead customer...well actually there is one thing worse than a dead customer...It's the company that made them that way. You heard me right. One thing worse than a Dead Customer is a company that made them that way. Let me tell you something...Dead customers don't die for nothing. They die because of something. Something you did or Something you didn't do. So which one was it? 

Most of the time it's because you're not moving them anymore with your Dead customer service techniques. Customers are tired of techniques, they want real, genuine down to earth Customer Experiences.  Now if you don't know how to SERVE a customer up some "Great Feel Good Experiences" you're in the wrong line of business. 

You're not in business to make one red dime BUT You are in business to evoke a Passionate, Deep sense of Emotional Relationship for your customer and it's not a one time experience.  It's a multiple, consecutive and consistent "I'm gonna Please You" Customer Attitude with a "Let me Make Your Day a GREAT DAY Experience!" If you can't do this every single time you're in front of your customer then FIRE YOURSELF and hire someone who can do this. The money you'll make because of your replacement will pay for themselves and put tremendous resources at your beck and call.

Remember:  People buy emotionally and then in a crazy one on one conversational monologue with themselves, logically Talk themselves into why the transaction makes sense (even when it doesn't make any logical sense). If you begin Today and start SERVING to the NEEDS of your customer's you'll be feeding their EMOTIONS with Far HAPPIER EXPERIENCES than they'll be getting ANYWHERE Else on this planet and I bet you they'll never forget that. KEEP SMILING...I love you. 

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

Stay tuned for your next Key that will make it a GREAT ECONOMY for you!

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