Sunday, August 05, 2007

International News: The Kelikian Experience Part 2

Hi, this is Deremiah *CPE,

I'm back to tell you about part 2 of "The Kelikian Experience". I've already received some emails from others who have appreciated how "The Kelikian Experience" is a great example of how to Evangelize your Customers with Passion but many want me to continue with the story so I will.


What you've probably picked up so far in the story about "The Kelikian Experience" Part 1, is that Dr. Armen S. Kelikian is an EXCELLENT Customer Passion Evangelist. So let's review real quickly and pick up where we left off. Remember in part 1 of "The Kelikian Experience" we discovered multiple basic benefits for how an *CPE like Dr. Kelikian ---Serves to Protect The Customer--- like a client. Most of the benefits were hidden in the story of the text but let's peel some of this back like an onion to reveal what's really taking place here.

Did you pay close attention to the details? Because if you did you were able to see a great deal about that customer protection. But let's pause for a brief moment to reflect on what a client is. A "Client" is someone who is under the protection of the company that has secured the customer for their business interest. Another way to put it is when I want your business (which means I want to make you my customer) I go out of my way to assure you of certain protections... that's what Dr. Kelikian did and that's how he uses "The Kelikian Experience" to work as a Win, Win, Win for all concerned. I'm not even sure if he understands in every way the kind of emotional impact he's having on the customer. And I have to admit from a certain level of experience when you really become "The Servant" of the customer and you've done this for years it becomes just become extremely Passionate and compassionate for your customer.


Dr. Kelikian is a smart physician who serves his customers and secures his customers protection. So he brought me underneath his protection showing me the attributes of "The Kelikian Experience". And if you're following closely you will see that these are the following attributes of "The Kelikian Experience": He made sure that I was examined properly (and completely), he was passionate, warm, gentle, cordial, used a little humor at the right time and when you view below you'll get to see how he uses the next attribute...his great knowledge to educate (me) the customer and engage his assistants to rally around me. Through the rest of his staff they continue the perfect group hug (with the customer in the middle) to show the customer that they love ---not only the work they do--- BUT that ---they LOVE the customers they Protect--- and this is why I call it "The Kelikian Experience". So let's continue with part 2 of "The Kelikian Experience" where you'll find me in the office of a Northwestern Surgeon and Clinical Professor by the name of Dr. Armen S. Kelikian right after the initial examination...let us continue here.

As you remember Dr. Kelikian just sent me through a quick battery test to determine that what he saw on the MRI ---reflected what was still going on in my body--- as I stood in his prescence (in his office on North LakeShore Drive in Downtown Chicago). And that's the genius of how you know you're in the presence of a Great Orthopedic specialist...when your doctor goes the extra mile to make sure that the medical scientific readings on the computer reflect the muscular physical responses of the body that's in front of him. Because there are times when the technology used to measure a bodies general functions may be different than what is being observed.

So Dr. Kelikian then decided that it was time to not just tell me about the surgery (as my previous orthopedic doctor had done) but he dealt with me in a very diginified manner of which I consider this to be part of the excellence he has taken to craft "The Kelikian Experience". So he pulls out a three page article outlining the surgery in detail including a ---full explanation--- of what he was going to do. Even scribling notes on the document for me to take with me. The document was full of content but also containing multiple drawings of the surgery. In this one generous act of educating his client he covers the three-fold principle of teaching using ---The Three Legged Stool Technique---. Always be sure to explain using a method that touches the Audio, Kinesthetic and visual learner especially when you're unsure of how your patient learns. 1.) Dr. Kelikian's oral explanation appeals to the "Audio Learner" in me as you listen intently to what he says, 2.) The physical presence of the document ---which is tangible--- and used for the purpose of being held by the patient appeals to the "Kinesthetic Learner" in me (now I have something to touch) and 3.) finally the images and words on paper simultaneously all appeal to the "Visual Learner" in me.

The error of the previous doctor was that he only assumed that I was an audio learner trying to explain a very visual experience using one aspect of the three-legged stool of learning. Always remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Use the three-legged stool of learning like Dr. Kelikian and then you'll slowly approach achieving "The Kelikian Experience". Even in Branding a smart company uses the artisitc design of their logo to appeal to the non-verbal instincts by creating visual anchorings that they are trying to set in their customers subconscious.

Dr. Kelikian's group then stepped up to strengthen what he had set in place. Carol King an assistant for Dr. Kelikian for eleven years came in to explain the Pre-Op Surgery procedures. Giving me a document that was hard to misplace as it was several pages of pre surgery and post surgery instructions including pictures of what buildings the surgery would be in and where to park. It was quite an impressionable document and it was on Lavender paper which made it harder to misplace. Carol was very polite and made sure that I understood that I needed to go through this document. Dr. Kelikian's assistant came in to measure my calv's to determine if there was any shrinkage in the injured one. Then they had me complete the final pages on some paper work I needed to fill out with the front desk secretary. In the backroom there secretary Michelle G., was planning on making another effort to try and finalize the insurance for clearance to cover a surgery that needed to be put in place two days from our first meeting. "The Kelikian Experience" rounded itself off with a group hug when I received support from several other members of the group who all reflected that their one main focus and objective was to assure that I was protected and provided for. I hope you have learned something tremendous from "The Kelikian Experience". If you'd like to tell me more about what you grasped out of this article please send me an email at .

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