Monday, September 07, 2009

Serve Your Way to Success: An Interview With Deremiah *CPE

Heeey Rob Daniel's, you being an expert at motivating children yourself fully understand my desperation and hunger for not only AMERICA to STOP and make some adjusting changes for children but I also challenge the world to do the same. Almost everyone loves children but our love is sooo fragemented and seperated that our efforts can only end in a poor example of failure. Thank you for your passionate expressions which are sooo much appreciated and encouraging. I bow to you and thank you for all you have said. Now I know through what you do with raising the self-esteem of children I no longer STAND alone in my efforts but I have a friend and commrade who stands with me way off in Australia. I look forward to seeing you on the Oprah Show one day soon. Thanks again my friend. KEEP SMILING...I love you.
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