Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Customer Service from the Direct Response Marketing Team

Every now and then you get lucky and surround yourself around a team of individuals who are more serious than ever about SERVING regular everyday people.

I'm soooo glad to share with you a team of my friends who make me prouder than ever.

Lee & Robin Collins

Erik Stafford

Mike Morgan

Alan R Bechtold

And yes I know these people personally and so you can say I'm bias. But anyone that knows me knows that I don't hold punches...I tell it like it is.

They are not your traditional internet marketers. But they are real people who really ---GIVE a CARE--- about the success of the individual.

They have bypassed the DESIRE to just sell people anything and they have also separated themselves from other questionable internet marketing types. One thing I can tell you for sure is that they truly are comitted to SERVING the greatness inside of each of us.

What would life be if we only looked at people like my former mentor and boss, Mary Kay Ash of the great Cosmetic MARY KAY products company said we shouldn't. She always said

"Never look at people with dollar signs in your eyes".

Furthermore my friends above are not sitting around talking about the mindset others have adopted during this time...which for the most part is built around complaining about what they don't like. They are not crying the blues about our current economy and using the overrated "R" word all the time.

If you're real serious about being SERVED and truly being taught about the real world methods of SERVING others to make a living...instead of trying to sell people valueless concepts that make them wonder what internet marketing is all about you should pay them a visit below at direct response marketing. You'll like their new way of thinking and it's quite refreshing compared to all of the other hype you normally hear about making a living on the internet...Furthermore you'll learn how to make a Life!

Direct Response Marketing 2.0