Sunday, May 10, 2009

need to get your mind right? Pat Marcello

You know, in life, there are so many things that can mess up your head.


It could be small stuff like paying for a program you want to make work, but it just sucks and it's too late to get your money back.

It could be half-bad stuff like gaining weight.

Or, it could be really dark stuff that I won't dare to mention.

No matter what it is, you can't let it stop you! Nothing should get between you and what you want. Sure, it takes some time to readjust and to come to grips with what's happened or not happened to you, but eventually, you need to get back into life and kick its butt.

I have a friend, Deremiah *CPE. This guy has come through some tough times, but I have to say, you'd NEVER know it. He's one of the most upbeat and personable guys you'd ever want to meet. I met him as a member of my list. He wrote to me and asked me what he could do for ME.

That's unusual. More people ask me what I can do for them. I try to do all I can, but time is limited, you know?

But if you were on the call last Monday with Shawn Casey and myself, you know that's not a great way to go about doing things. Shawn says (as does Tellman) that it's more about what you do for the other guy. Deremiah knows that, and he's a master at making friends and influencing people.

Want to learn all of Deremiah's secrets? Well...

What you can get from him could make you millions!

And it's all about attitude.

Just go and watch his video. If nothing else, it will surely make you smile.--


P. S. Caution: Deremiah's enthusiasm is infectious, so watch out! You might get so pumped up that you'll be working all night.

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