Sunday, December 31, 2006

REMEMBER...Customer Passion! Some Doctors got it! (part 1)

Hey do you remember a couple months back I talked about a "Customer Passionate" Dentist by the name of Dr. John C. Mason. Well he's still doing a great job and I'd hate for you to confuse the next blog with him. As a matter of fact I mentioned Dr. John C. Mason's rare customer passionate approach to customer service in the blog below...

1 Brutally Effective Kickbutt Dentist: Dr. John C. Mason of St. Charles He's "Customer Passionate"

Read It! If you get a chance.

Because I'm going to do a follow-up to this blog to talk about some of his other outstanding qualities. Hopefully he'll give me a personal interview so you can hear why his customers think his service is great!

You know he really stands out in the Saint Charles community among Doctors as a man of great character and more importantly wonderful office etiquette. No! AMAZING office etiquette and Compassion for his customers. If you're not in Illinois but can afford to fly in and meet him it's well worth the trip. Otherwise eat your heart out. The more I deal with Dr. Mason the more I realize how rare his office relations with his customers really are. If you're in Saint Charles and you don't get great denistry treatment come see Dr. Mason. If you don't get Great Service I'll treat you to lunch.

Well I'm just going to flip to the next blog so that you don't confuse today's blog with Dr. Mason. But please read the next one especially if you're a Doctor or a person who see's Doctor's.

Your Servant,


Go read today's blog "One Poorly Ineffective Saint Charles Primary Care Physician" you'll cringe.