Friday, June 19, 2009

Tony V...Customer PASSIONATE Web Design

Dear Friends...

it's not often that I blog but when I do you know it's about somebody special and someone who knows how to take care of CUSTOMERS really get's me geeked up. Today I got a call from a guy all the way from Europe who handles customers with great phone prescence. His name is Tony V. He impressed me from the very start because he wasn't pushy about why he was calling me. His interest in SERVING me as his Kingly Customer was very powerful. Tony V. and I spent nearly an hour and a half talking off and on about what he could do for me from a Web Design aspect. But what moved me the most about this guy was his Customer PASSION Evangelism.

What impressed me the most about Tony V., was his diligence and how he chose to handle me his new customer. If you're going to be a great Web Design consultant please take notes from Tony V.


*He was very polite

*down to earth

*easy to deal with

*willing to listen to his customer (me...LOL)

*Sent me samples of possible web designs

*listened to my critique of what he sent

*was open to talking with me about my long term interest

*up on the phone with me while it was in the wee hours of the morning and willing to stay up longer but I suggested he get some rest...I love a person who is willing to make major sacrifices for the customer

If you've read through this list you can easily under appreciate these skill qualities. But I'm sooo passionate about Customer PASSION Exuberance that I get pumped up everytime I meet someone who has a GREAT CUSTOMER SERVANT attitude.

So if you really want to get better at SERVING your customer take notes from Tony V. But if you really need a website designer give Tony a call. He'll do the research to get you the design samples you want to see and furthermore he's very, very dependable.

Is there anything else I can do to SERVE YOU?

Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

to reach Tony V. for some outstanding web design work that is affordable beginning at $149.00 see his information below. You can't afford not to deal with him and he even understands wordpress blogs. Tell him that Deremiah *CPE sent you.


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